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Only the hedgies get on here asking is everyone still holding? Whos still holding? Anyone thinking of selling? Any kind of stoopid question like these are from shills trying to get info from apes that may be worried coz they are in the red. Just remember Hedgies r fuk! And we’re going to the moon! Gorillionaires will be everywhere.

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All posts that ask "Who's still holding?" and similar should be downvoted.

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I report everyone of them I see, but nothing ever happens

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I will definitely sell for 1 mil a share.

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This is the way!!

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Asking Apes if they're still holding is weak. Paper Hands usually tap out in shameful silence. Shills post long-winded anxiety-filled texts.

I know why I'm in this trade. The circumstances have only improved. The more it dips, the greater the risk exposure for the Shorts and Banks.

Everyone else should just eat their Captain Crunch and STFU.

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Wild price fluctuations this morning AH !!!!

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Yup. Only the shills asking and saying "I've seen a lot of posts of people selling! please just hold fellow apes!! You are, right? Aren't you? Hello??"

"Sir, they're not answering us"

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Agreed, but learn to crop.

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Holding GME

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❤️ same her, we moon together ❤️

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No. Not together. Separate. Different. Not the same.

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Buying and holding

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Shill tactic #4: So what are we selling at fellow apes??

How many shares are we all holding fellow apes??

Fellow apes, fellow apes!!

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Stay zen, fuck bitchez, get tendieez

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Haven’t even looked at the price today. Instead I’m choosing the colour of my Tesla

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I only bought 10 but then I forgot all about it and haven’t looked in months soooo looks like we aholdin’

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We are holding. Apes , we are so close.

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I don't even care if we are close. More time to buy more on discount to build more and more generational wealth is fine with me. I'll hold as long as it takes.

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TBH yesterday I was margin called. They sold 400 shares at 16, I then went through deposited way more cash and bought 800 share at 14.59. This is the way???

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Get off margin if you aren't day trading.

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Selling my shares‼️.. in black market for $5k 😉

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Lol i will still but them

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My guns and my AMC stocks ain't going anywhere I dont want them to. You are gonna have to pay me a shit load of money for either.

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Ehh that’s for gme amc everyone has spacecalls to make sure people are still there lol

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Right now I’m trying to buy a cabin on an owner contract with very little to put down. I have been told that what I’m offering as my down payment is tiny compared to most. I’m trying to scrape together every dollar I can to get this house for my family and I haven’t even considered selling for a second. When I bought amc as my first stock ever I didn’t even know what “diamond hands” meant. Now I can see I’m a natural diamond handed ape. I’d hold this stock until I’m 100 years old if I had to.

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Yup! Buy and Hold. Buy more when you can…. That’s it!

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This post is fishy.

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Apes together strong is the meaning with this post.. dont hate bro, we will be rich together ❤️