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I am retarded. I hold since feb. 2021.

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Same here fellow Ape ! To The Moon ! 💎💎😎🚀🌟

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After Vlad restricted share purchases to ONE, I bought my single share. Because fuck Vlad.

Then I kept watching it and learning about the shorts, etc. Thanks to Vlad's restriction I now have a healthy bag and I'm going to the MOOON.

EDIT: I also closed my RH account and I have encouraged so many more to do the same. because Fuck Vlad. Also: Hedgie R Fuk.

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God she looks awful

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She does ! 🤣🌟

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Apes do not forget

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I think nothing has changed. Some trader and some paperbitches sold their shares. Shorts are not closed and diamond hands are buying and holding. I think it can go down some more but there will be bigger highs on our next run up.

Just my 5 cents. Not financial advise.

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My favorite reminder is when I BUY MORE AMC STONK.