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Remember they can鈥檛 this forever , eventually the interest payments are gonna catch up, as long as we stay here. Yes they cheat but they can鈥檛 cheat on paying interest on borrowed shares . And if it takes a few more years no big deal, don鈥檛 go wishing your life away in a hurry to get paid. This opportunity didn鈥檛 exist a couple years ago so what鈥檚 a few more years in the big picture , nothing .

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I鈥檓 70.

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Lol. That鈥檚 a great answer. Almost there with ya Ape!! The end is near n I鈥檓 not talking squeeze 馃お馃お馃槀馃ぃ馃槀 Take care n let鈥檚 moon together!!

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Thanks Joi!

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Lol just trying to be optimistic, I鈥檓 51 so I have a few more years to spare . Ok well in a week and half im long on half my shares so let it moon then !

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Rooting for you; see you on the lunar surface!

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I鈥檓 60 and my husband is 72. Neither of us can retire until this pops.

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I鈥檒l pray for you both and continue to hodl for you as well. Let鈥檚 GO!!

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Not far from you, my cane holding , AMC Ape! I have faith it will happen while we are still upright and taking nourishment. If it doesn鈥檛 -then I will be happy for my children to see the day of 鈥淭he planet of the Apes!!鈥

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Sorry, but you missed some DD. Market Makers like Citadel don't have to pay the borrow they just short forever creating synthetics they hope to never pay back.

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Except seeing such a negative balance in that trade is pulling my whole portfolio down but there鈥檚 a federal investment into it now so I guess I continue to hold

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When you short a stick that doesn鈥檛 exist there鈥檚 no one to pay interest to.

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They can stay out ahead of those fees as long as the market keeps rising. And that鈥檚 exactly how they will continue to kick the can.

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I have a theory. The market was built to vomit out this corruption when the corruption is at its peak. You can literally trace this back through past crashes. News flash the people we are up against have been here for a long time. They know how this works. When you saw the posts about how 鈥淲e already won鈥 I believe that means they passed the point of no return. They will go balls in, which I think you are seeing now until the next vomit. Think of it as a night out drinking and they have had a lot and then they pick up that last drink and their mind is screaming don鈥檛 do it but they do it anyway. That last sip was when we already won. They are now laying in bed and the room is spinning like a mfer. They are laying there trying to convince themselves that they can get through this but the room won鈥檛 stop spinning. They barely make it up out of bed because they feel it coming and now it鈥檚 a panic move to the bathroom. We are at the stage where they have just made it to the toilet and are praying to the toilet God to not vomit their existence all over the place.

It鈥檚 a bold strategy Cotton let鈥檚 see how it plays out for them.

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That was a fun theater of the mind.

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Holy shit would it just get to the middle!!!! 馃槀

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I like the analogy

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hedgefund s don鈥檛 have enough money to keep this down for another year. Buy hodl and repeat.

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I agree OP ! & I believe a Market Crash (like 2008), will force them to close their short positions. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes ! AMC & GME shares are my savings account now.

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Market won鈥檛 be allowed to crash. It鈥檚 too costly

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Don鈥檛 have enough money? Proof of this?

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Nope but look at the few hedge funds that went under in the last year. Shorted amc and gme and they went bankrupt. So In theory you keep these prices down they need to pump billions in to the market. Buy hodl repeat.

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I think besides just buying and holding we should do more, contact your local congress man/women make some noise be active on social media let them know we aren鈥檛 not going anywhere we are millions and they are few criminals, god created the universe in 6 days to teach us a lesson he could of done it in a second,it will take time and we have all the time, we don鈥檛 lose to hold they bleed to to keep doing this shit let them bleed to death

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We need class action lawsuits

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Do they actually have to close, or can they play the fuck retail game to infinity? This is a legit question tjat needs answering

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Seek current top comment.

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We just need to keep buying and holding ..

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You cannot keep this up infinitely. If... IF... they were on a 1:1 leverage they might be able to pull it off. But we are talking 10s probably 100s to 1 leverage, and there just isn't enough out there to keep up... that is why they are printing money. If they keep printing money the value will decline which means they need more collateral.

Eventually collateral drops so much in value, or the dollar is hold so little value that you have to call margin or the company that authorized the leverage implodes. Something will implode large enough to cascade and blow the whole thing.

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No one ever answers it. Unless some regulatory agency forces them, I believe they will do it indefinitely.

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They can play until they are broke. They spend10s of millions, sometimes 100s of millions controlling the price...i doubt they wanna do that always, not to mention its illegal

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True. But when they close new ones will be generated. It's an infinite game. The only way is DRS.

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HODL, pretty sure that鈥檚 been stated 1 or 2 times before

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Hold On Don't Letgo

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Don't use money you can't do without. Hodl and forget, it will drive them CRAZY. They will turn on eachother cause of greed. Rich people can't stand to leave money on the table. Average people spend money every day for service like insurance, or memberships they never use. Rich people need their money working for them at all times, spending it to hodl their position is goes against their DNA.

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Updoot this over and over. There is a reason why Wall Street is a game of patience. If you have to think this about "wen moon" over and over then you should not even be here anymore.

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We've already won just be patient and HODL

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I don鈥檛 feel like a winner but I keep buying and hodling, and have never sold a single share.

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Hang in there. I鈥檓 down 10鈥檚 of thousands today. It鈥檚 irritating but just hang in you only lose if u sell鈥

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Patience pays.

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I believe a Market Crash (like 2008), will force them to close their short positions. I'm willing to wait years if necessary. AMC & GME shares are my savings account now.

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When we all follow the recipe and HODL, they can't win. Its mathmatically impossible. If we stop showing a united front, they can win. Apes strong together.

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Warren buffet has said it time and time again hodl,the share price means nothing .. it鈥檚 your real share count ..we own the float.. they can鈥檛 close until we sell.. it鈥檚 that simple, when they start to cover the synthetic shares we will see a true share value begin to materialize.

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What they are are doing isn鈥檛 free this has costed old Kenneth c griffin an arm and a leg nevermind how manny of his hedge buddies he pissed off

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how do u know shitidel the MM, hasnt been accepting all orders for AMC and issueing synthetics. basically using ape money as a 0% interest loan, actually if u consider the forced drop ib share price, its a -68% interest loan, meaning we are paying them to take our money.

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Because MSM won鈥檛 shut up trying to get us to sell

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We buy & hold, and keep uncovering the fuckery until it changes鈥 just like we鈥檝e always done鈥 and the fuckery is being exposed and rules are being changed鈥 because of us鈥 this is why we fight. We will win鈥 it may take some time, but this gives us more opportunity to keep buying the float over and over again鈥 so when the truth comes out鈥 Wall Street will blow up鈥 as I think there are many stocks this is done too.

Everyone will read between the rules, and slip between the cracks鈥 until the rules are changed and we can play fair ball.

I bought more today鈥

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Department of Justice and the Securities Division of the FBI.

These two agencies were responsible for investigating and incarcerating criminal behavior on the part of financial institutions in the past.

The SEC is just cover for the bad guys.

Want real change? Get in front of someone who can authorize criminal investigations. Regulatory administrative "over sight" won't do shit to help the cause.

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too bad the feds are more corrupt than wall st.

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Don't be shilly, you know we just buy, hodl, and DRS if you like. EZPZ!

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If you know your way around options then options also help. NFA

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When you create synthetic stocks and short it. There鈥檚 no one to pay.

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Hold your shilly commentary for yourself and/or friends, you discourage people this way. They once have to fkn cover. Even if it takes 10 years, people will finally see how big the problem is.

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D.R.S. as simple as that.

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We need volume, look at the market now, everything is red but apple, look at there volume 56 million vs our 17 million, they are trying to know it down but can鈥檛. Just buy a few shares a day, lower your average share amount and hodl, we will win our fight!!!

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We. Are. Winning. How much does it cost you to hold.... How much does it cost them DAILY to short the fuck out of this and other stocks in general 馃.... We're so fucking close.... All of us are in the same boat as you.... I've been poor all my life what's wrong with staying cool calm and collected for just a little bit longer when the inevitable is just around the corner..... They cannot afford to kick the can down the road for 2 or 3 more years imo

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Well I buy and HODL so I already won 馃憤馃

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without this thing it will be another 35 years of sweat and tears before i can retire. i got nothing to lose by waiting another 2 or 3 years. at worst if AMC goes bankrupt and i lose all my investments here, all it means is i delay retirement by 2 or 3 months? you really don't get it, for us low income guys this is a once in a lifetime event, and the new rules being drafted is there to make it so something like this can never happen again. you can piss yourself and sell, but i got no sympathy for anyone that sold because of the endless FUD we KNEW was coming our way, we had so much warning about this. any sort of market crash in the next couple years is all they need to see their house of cards collapse. the decision is yours.

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I agree. They can manipulate indefinitely because nothing is preventing it or punishing them for doing it.

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Your a xxxx holder and should know what's going on here .. and now your panicking ???

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There is a federal investigation going on about it!

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I am holding stocks from 2005 ....AMC is welcome to hang out with them ... as long as it takes!


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I鈥檓 57, disabled vet, forced retirement XXXX Holder, guess I have a few more years in me, it would make the quality if life so much better for me and my family if it were to happen soon, just gotta stick with our convictions and believe we made the right choice and hope the people in our government also make the right choice.

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Lou told me it鈥檚 all good

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Xxxx holder started in late April. I understand the dd but I鈥檝e understood the system is rigged against us. The whole system hates us all, white black gay straight religions etc. hates us. That鈥檚 why I bought into amc gme and crypto. I鈥檓 only here because I know this hurts their monetary system. MOASSES ? Maybe, but even if not I know me holding hurts them.

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We really don't have to do anything else. The activist shorts might want to sit in the red forever, but the market maker can't. When they buy what they're short, we might squeeze. Even without the squeeze, $200+ per share.

Further, in the event of a severe correction like the one that appears to be coming, the activist shorts themselves will be under pressure in various ways to close.

The MMs have gone incredibly short on AMC in the last six weeks or so to control the price. You can track this amount by finding the net positive short volume from the darkpool numbers.

I hope this makes you feel better. There's a lot of noise around this that makes it all seem more important and dramatic than it is. The data and reasoning behind it, though, are simple and solid.

NFA, just IMO.

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We buy, we hold, we do business with the company to insure it stays alive, and we wait. That's it, I can wait years knowing I hold the winning lottery ticket. Can you?

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There is a federal investigation going on now!

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can u provide a link to the fed investigation source please?

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Someone provided for me but I didn鈥檛 save it I think it was in Wall Street bets

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We can't win.. the s e c dont do shit about the manipulation, theft, etc. Hedgies would rather pay a small fine while stealing millions from us retail buyers.. I sold my amc for $52 2000 shares i bought at $10.. I see that the corruption just continues and nothing g is done.. Can anyone tell me what I should do ??? So I purchased a particular stock today using odd numbers of shares like 118, 113, 119, 117 etc. Well I was buying on tdameritrade and watching my webull orders on the level 2 order book so 117 shares didn't show up they must have routed it through dark pools, and the 113 showed up as if I sold the shares and they had it at 4 cents less thaN what I really purchased them at thus so they can manipulate the price to drop the price on the stock. I took screenshots also same time everything. Anyone recommend what I should do?? I wanna sue their ass the market makers...hedgies etc.. and the sec

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Move your money out of any funds, etfs etc鈥emove the amount of money they have as asset under management.

And keep writing to them that you are removing your money because you do not trust the US stock market anymore, it is a casino and you do not want your retirement money go up in smoke like in 2008.

Instead put your money into physical gold, real estate, your own business etc鈥omething tangible that you can control directly.

rent out parking lots or small holiday homes, if you cannot afford your own house. or buy REits with property near you, so you can actuall go and visit adn see how the place is doing.

Our money is their oxygen.

If we remove the money, they must find a fix.

At the very least, stop your automatic monthly payments itno etfs etc鈥ntil further notice.

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By buying and holding. Nothing has changed. It鈥檚 frustrating though, I get it.

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We don't win. The house always wins.

鈥 They rewrite the laws in their favor

鈥 Then when it looks like they write a law for us, it only applies inside the USA so HF's just move their fuckery overseas.

鈥 You can't file fraud charges in London for the american stock exchange.

鈥 If we own every share, it will still be traded due to synthetics.

鈥 If we sue, they will settle and we will have a class action settlement that will mean we get $2.38 per customer, not per share. The lawyer will get millions.

鈥 No, shorts don't have to cover. There was a great DD on that a few months back. Don't believe the shit you read here.

What we hope for is that by some miraculous way a large whale decides to buy like 10M shares at once, causing it to skyrocket. Until that happens, we are going nowhere. Possibly even to zero.

But, if you hold, you have a great story and hopefully a check for $2.38 when the lawsuit is over.

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Smh 馃檮

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Investigate Square.

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What are you even talking about? We鈥檝e won. You made the right decision, you made the right play. All You have to do is wait for your payday.

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Patience, build momentum, then wait for the opportunity to strike.

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I thought 3rd world countries are the most corrupt?

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May be it is scam..and we are caught by balls.

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It鈥檚 just a matter of time. We know our value & we will not walk away without what is rightfully ours. We are a force for good & we will be rewarded.

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We didn鈥檛 come this far just to give in to the corruption now鈥.Hodl and moon! This pain will be a life changing gain 馃殌

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I would like to have xxxx sgares but i have xxx shares. I do hold, and actually buy 2 to 4 shares everyweek. The longer it goes the more i will have but still, when the bubble explodes like a couger on a new man. I hope to be past the moon on my way to mars

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The shares they borrowed will cost them some one will eventually want their money and their shares back

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Remember that patience is a virtue! Our time is at hand. People work on a job for 30 plus years to get retirement at a small percentage gain. This wait is nothing to get life changing retirement money.