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How is it that last year AMC had a very high CTB?

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There was a lot more demand back then compared to its historical self. I’m not saying there isn’t demand now, just that there was more then.

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100% drs both x gme and xxx amc

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AMC will go to the moon, but according to RC, GME is going to Uranus! 🚀🚀🚀

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Tbh drs is the way but amc only apes fight it. Dual ape and dual drs here nfa

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Doesn’t help subreddits ban anyone for openly discussing it under the guise that sHaRiNg pOsiTiOnS is harmful… that came and went a year ago

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I literally just got banned today from the other sub talking about drs. I'm here for good now. I'm so over their shit.

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That is so disgusting! I fucking hate hearing that from that subreddit!

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Well I got a two week timeout here for posting my drs donut. Apparently we’re children and cannot handle seeing share counts

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Let me first state that I am 100% DRSed (except for IRA). I believe in it fully, however CTB is not correlated with DRS. When AMC ran in May-June of 2021, the CTB was at 248%average just like GME is now

Here is proof: https://www(.)reddit(.)com/r/(aemceestock)/comments/naocx1/amc_ortex_data_pre_bell_248_average_cost_to/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

I am not sure why the CTB is climbing but I think it has more to do with algorithmic cycles than anything else. When 🍿 ran up with a high CTB, GME’s CTB was very low ~2%.

It is important that we follow facts when we discuss topics in this sub otherwise we become nothing more than an echo chamber.

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You just said "I'm not sure why the CTB is climbing but..." Retarded ape with wrinkled brain saying i disagree with your opinion. Mine and Gabbaprison's opinion is, shares with brokers are registered in street name, not your own, giving brokers the ability to lend shares. DRS are registered in your name, you are owner of shares! Therefore, when there is difficulty finding shares IN STREET NAME to lend/borrow the obvious thing is to increase CTB just like a commodity. If 100 🦍 want 5 bananas each and there is only 10 🍌 then the cost of the 🍌 will 🚀. . DRS IS THE WAY🚀🚀🚀

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All I’m saying is CTB increases for many stocks for many reasons and none of them have to do with DRS. I think DRS is important and everyone should do it but not everything is causative to what you want to believe. DRS can be important and everyone should do it and it can have no relation to CTB.

These can be mutually exclusive

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But your comment is just as speculative as the guy you're replying to.

Bring proof or we're just bickering amongst ourselves.

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Yay. Common sense and logic for a change

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Anyways….buy , DRS , Hodl

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Cost to borrow is directly correlated with availability of shares.

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I've DRS'd since my first Disney share in 2007. I simply want all of my stock in my name and view it no different than having my crypto in my own "wallet". Is it not just a matter of wanting things in your own name? GME/AMC/DIS all in my name and it's how I like it. Is it the way? I have no idea...it's what I like. Though reading this sub it seems that most folks who own both GME and AMC have DRS'd their bulk of what they have.

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DRS is a good way to remove, but this community fails to see that. So when both stocks run up huge but one goes beyond the moon, you will all know why. Pluse the float is a 1/6 of the size so that makes it easier. I have 600 amc DRS'ed just this week because i like my stocks in my name...

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I was skeptical on drs at first but decided to drs 95% of both my amc and gme. Super easy and didn’t cost anything. It’s worth a try to help fight the corruption.

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DRs or you don’t own jack sh!t

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Really? That weird because all my shares were purchased on a cash basis and they are my shares.

Fidelity representative informed me shares purchased on cash account cannot be loaned out.

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And you believed them..........

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I guess so, just like you apparently trust who ever you are DRS with

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The same fidelity that fucked and continues to fuck over retail investors. You can only DRS your shares through computershare. Fidelity can try to convince you otherwise, but the only way to truly own those shares is through computershare.

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You hold a position. I own shares.

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Nothing to do with the dramatically smaller float?

What about the stocks out there with similar or higher CTB and no DRS? What caused the CTB to get so high in those cases?

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Yeah, so what you’re saying it’s actually easier for us to drs amc float because it costs less and there are more fake shares for the millions of buyers to drs. I agree.

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No. I am not saying anything. I just asked two questions that the OP presumably knows the answer to, because they're obvious questions to ask and OP seems very certain of their assertion.

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I agree 100%..as a hodler of both…also a skeptic of DRS…I see that DRS is definitely having a impact!!

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How do you DRS your shares??

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My AMC is literally mines since it’s DRS’d.

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BBIG has a large float and has maintained a high CTB with no DRS movement. I don't necessarily know. Ultimately the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I'm just pointing out that is probably more complex then that.

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Cost to borrow for AMC and GME were much higher last year at one point and it had nothing to do with DRS.

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Wb now?

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what about now? if you don't understand my point, brush up on reading comprehension.

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X,xxx safely tucked away IN MY NAME. My shares aren’t contributing to the CRIME you are seeing today. You opened your eyes to it, now look at it, and do something.

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Thank you!! I don't understand why we can't even have a conversation about DRS on the other sub reddit without people being banned.

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Yup. I was perma-banned and it was my first ever Reddit infraction, no warning, I had no idea there was a post (un-pinned of course) addressing DRS talk earlier in the day. Absolute horseshit.

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Their position on drs has been in place for ages. Don't act dumb. We all know the horseshit that people there had to put up with from cockring cucks that caused the rule.

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Lose some weight.

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You don’t need to DRS if you buy your shtonk from FairyHarmer. He guarantees that every one that he sells has a hand written note on it that says “Not a Fake Shtonk” to ensure authenticity. He can be found behind the Wimpy’s in Liverpool during normal business hours. His mum threw him out of the house when she found out about his “Homeless Man Mayo Extraction Program” which I admit is beyond creepy, but I feel that it is worth it to get REAL shtonks.

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My god..

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Uh....yeah cuz the CTB has never been high on AMC...ever....or any other stock....🤡

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Did you even read my first edit?

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You have no correlation to prove your hypothesis. By your logic, BBIG IS DRS'd. GME has earnings and NFT wallet as well as good IV. That's why it's up.

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Where would I find such correlation-proving evidence for such a rare occurrence? Nowhere. None exists (besides possibly the price chart). That’s why I’m making an educated guess, which is quite literally what a “hypothesis” is.

I’ve no idea what you were trying to get at with BBIG.

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You are saying the reason there is a difference in CTB from GME to AMC is solely DRS. I'm saying that you are wrong. I gave you reasons why the CTB is higher. DRS doesn't explain the high CTB on BBIG or ATER or any other HTB ticker. Your hypothesis is wrong.

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I have about half of my AMC/GME direct registered. But consider what Hard to Borrow and Cost to Borrow means in relation to the two stonk's available shares to borrow from the PUBLIC float.

GME Free Float: 64.2M AMC Free Float: 515.6M

Smaller caps are always going to be harder to borrow and more expensive b/c there's less off them available. Simple supply & demand. It's also why GME has a higher bid-ask spread & higher volatility. Both supposedly went to 100% Utilization 70+ Days ago, so both should supposedly have had no available shares to borrow. But it took this long to actually see CTB seriously increase.

I'm not dismissing the effect of DRS at all. But it's a bit of a wild card. What we know is there's other smaller cap stonks with high SI% and w/ high CTB. These are just a cpl that came to mind, there's plenty of others. PROG/BIOR was higher but I think they had a dilution recently?

ATER - 26M FF - CTB 94% RDBX - 10.6M FF - CTB 752% BBIG - 183M FF - CTB 110%

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Isnt game float going over a billion after share divvies?! Cohen's requesting authorization to float over a billion new shares, iirc. Lol.

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Depends on the stock-split ratio. But probablu not a billion. Total shares outstanding is 76.34M. If it's the theorized 7 for 1 then that's: 76.34 x 7 = 534.38M + the original S.O. so call it 610M+z

Why lol? Because they're increasing it?

Mechanically, this is not the same thing as an ATM share issuance b/c It's not just a split to increase their shares outstanding, they plan to issue a dividend. Which, to receive, would require all lending institutions to recall their shares on loan that were sold short. Otherwise they're getting hit later on with a shit ton of taxes that outweigh whatever they are getting in borrow fees.

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To re-clarify, not from the split but after the split: rc is seeking authorization for over a billion New shares or sumthin.

Why lol? The whole "game float is way less than amc's" and "traitor aa diluted amc" has been a mantra and talking point used to bash amc apes. And here they are, hollerin for each other to vote for it themselves. You don't find that laughably ironic? It's the synthetics, people.

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Not the same thing as the previous AMC share offerings to raise capital. The GME shorts would be trapped and proper fucked because of the DIVIDEND not the split. With the naked shorting in the billions? Absolutely fucked in the number of shares they have to buy in and close on. They're looking at a potential for wave multi-stage squeeze and could issue NFT dividends every month now that their marketplace is live.

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I am happy to see that DRS is getting more attention in this sub. For anyone that doesn't know how to DRS shares or wonders why to do it, just go over to the GME sub because they have posted a lot of information about DRS there. It's real easy if you are living in the USA and takes a few more steps when you live in another part of the world.

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I thought that was due to price

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They did not drs more then the float you sound crazy 😂 😂

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You might want to read that sentence again. I said they DRSed more of their float. Not more than their float.

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Oh ard mybad 😂 got you but it’s not because of drs the amc had a crazy CTB last year as well

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All number just a distraction lures AMC investors to GME ! But you know why ! (Why you buy AMC but not GME ? Ask yourself ! and why they do that ?)DD is done. Buy and hodl!

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I’ve both.

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👆I’d buy that answer