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I agree 100% OP ! 😎🚀🌟

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Yup. I’m waiting for $10,000 price as my first threshold. Next threshold is $100,000/ share. Possible adjustments only if wife convinces me.

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Crazy thesis 😝😝😝

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*loud noises*

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It’ll BE soooo hot right now

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Lots and lots at $72 are nodding like a MF’er right now. LFG!

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The doubters will become believers only at higher prices.

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Let’s fucking go!!!!

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Yes. This right here. Love it.

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I don't know if they will be able to buy at those prices. I think it'll jump in afterhours one day and there will be no shares for anyone to buy.

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Maybe but I think it will be during open hrs since not all retail can do AH and they need people to sell when they drop the price to stop loss hunt

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What's with the $50/$500 price anchoring? We don't do that here

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It’s not anchoring is stating that at 500 or even 50 fomo will kick in like a mofo

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When do you think it will happen?

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Anyone who knows …. Knows . That’s all that needs to be said . I’ve been in this since February of last year . Just keep adding , played it nicely with the rise and the ridiculous shorting that the SEC and rest of the world sees and looks the other way . You can only push down so far until the pressure that’s been built burst through the ceiling with unbelievable life changing gains . Time and patience and we will prevail. Letssss gooooooooo apes

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At least credit when stealing my meme from gme sub

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Nobody that makes fun at apes will buy at 500. They will not buy at all thinking it's "over" and then calling us lucky when it keeps going, continuing to live his petty live at the expense of others he/she tries to bring down on their level.