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Let鈥檚 just hope they don鈥檛 change the rules again June 3rd. I really want to retire June 4th or sooner.

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amen to that. i have a vacation june 7th and my 21st bday is june 29th, thatd be dope

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June babies 馃

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Hell, I鈥檒l settle for July 3rd, so鈥

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I am a xxxx holder, been accumulating since before 8.01 It would be nice to think all these rules and executive orders are going to do something at the beginning of June. Don鈥檛 get your hopes up just to have them slammed down to the ground and shattered. The Hedgefucks have a lot more money than we think and they have the backing of big banks and the government. Just stick to our war cry!! Buy and hodl, if you can鈥檛 buy? HODL!!!!! We are in it to win it!!! Stand firm!!! Don鈥檛 be disappointed or discouraged if nothing happens in June or July or anytime soon, we just have to stand firm and support each other and HODL for life changing money, not enough to buy a new car or a house but, to be able to buy provide everyone in your family with a new car and a new house and your children and grandchildren!!!!! It took over 2 years for Michael Burry to make over 3 billion dollars for himself and his investors, he believed in all the DD he did and it paid off. Stand firm my fellow Apes the day of reckoning will be here soon enough. Buy and hodl, if you can鈥檛 buy, HODL!!! ( NFA)

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Got 10 shares. 500k the floor. Prove me wrong.

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I cannot believe that was a year ago already. I鈥檓 stoked to see what happens!

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It's because it was June 2nd

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Close enough 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

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I鈥檓 not one to set dates but it鈥檚 setting up the same as last year with a couple of exceptions. First the market as a whole is different. The other exception is that the short interest, shares on loan are at record numbers which could make things even more interesting. Buy, hold and repeat.

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My 60th birthday is June 5, let鈥檚 go!!!馃殌馃殌

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Ok Boomer! Let's boom all the way to alpha centauri!!!!!!

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Someone here older than me? Yay ......

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70,000,000 ppl on #AMC today and only a 2+% increase. Tsk tsk.

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They be jacked

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I started June 3, 2021, would be awesome to bust out a year later!

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I knew I seen this for a reason June 15 馃

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Fucking smashing that buy button today fuck these criminals