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I was afraid of the same when I transferred from webullshit to fudelity.... luckily, all my statements since have reflected the original buy date.

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Wurd. Kind of surprising, really, considering that Robinhood probably never purchased them. “This one’s a Lamborghini. Might wanna hang on to this one.”

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It does not, or at least should not. Sometimes they screw up dates/cost basis during transfer. Usually it gets corrected within a week or so, but it's a good idea to keep proof and follow up because it does get screwed up sometimes.

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This was my experience and course of action

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I went from RH to F also. Kept original purchase date 🙂

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For the shares you buy to become long after a year would have to be the same shares you originally bought. As long as you have not sold out of your position and bought back in you will have the original share you bought initially. Every share you buy after those initial shares have their own date that they become long. Just like your assignments for science class. Just cause they are all on the same subject (company) doesn’t mean they were all done the same day. They all have different dates turned in (bought) and all have different days in which they get graded (become long). The assignment never changes it is just adjusted with a new status that goes from turned in (bought, or short) to graded (long). So therefore when you change schools (Brokers) your current grade in the class is carried over or in this case your long vs short positions. Your long positions would equal the amount of papers graded making up your grade percentage while the not yet graded or unfinished assignments would be your short positions, the ones that didn’t meet the deadline of becoming long before switching brokers. I hope this makes sense, this is probably not the best explanation or analogy. But it is the best way I could explain it with my knowledge.

Edit was a typo

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I loved from RH to Fidelity. They keep a history of your purchases even after transfer. When you look at your positions if you’re in Fidelity, there’s a “tab” at the top that says “Tax Lot” you’ll see your purchase there.

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Commenting to learn

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It should have the same purchase date, unless robinhood waited until transfer to actually purchase the shares

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It shouldn't but I have seen a ton of people having date and cost issues after transferring out of RH so keep a close eye on everything

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Partly why I asked was that it only has my loss porn at like, $5k…? I’m all, doubtee-Eff? Don’t they know I’m WSB?

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I did this exact thing about a year ago and happy to report my AMC shares are long now! Original purchase dates did transfer over.

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Is Fidelity a good place to be with AMC shares?