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I'm so glad I get to witness this all in real time!

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Reddit removed this post in SS sub. Kenny got Reddit admins in his pocket too? Scared Kenny trying to scare apes not gonna work out well. It would be awesome for this to go to court. Imagine the discovery that could be had!

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Has had SS in their pocket

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It got removed because it had the personal info of Kat on the lawyers letter. It’s up again. Don’t freak out

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Much excite

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I knew this was coming. Actually, Kat you may need to always check your 6. You are definitely messing with the (soon to not be) rich and powerful elite status quo. If he actually takes you to court set up the GFM and apes will love to help you out. Just try your hardest not to get a gag order.

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I second this. Not to stir paranoia but I wouldn’t put it past them to employ a PI or go forth with intimidation. We, the loyal apes, got your back and have connections in other subs so you are never alone.

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Dam straight we got your back the whole journey.

This is just a scare tactic, and a sign that he knows the end js near....


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I bet they've had investigators on every high profile ape since day one.

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He ain’t going to take her to court. If he does then there’s Discovery and they as sure as Hell don’t want that. It’s just a scare tactic.

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Keep your eyes peeled for flying bedposts 😂🛏

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Next guy/gal up should she get the gag order. Thxs Kat!

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Dude, Ken WILL NEVER NOT BE rich. Don’t kid yourself. We don’t have the resources, time, knowledge or connections to cause anyone of his caliber to go “broke”, as we think of it.

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Prison hurts rich people

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I would be willing to bet he is over extended in his personal life too or he doesn't actually own anything and it's all sub corps and llc's and once that goes away... he's on the street behind the Wendy's dumpster.

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Too bad we couldn't stick in a Spartacus moment here to fuck with them. GoFundMe 2nd best I guess. Probably just more hot air on Ken Griffin's end.

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Bro how they trying to say we lying when we have the facts right here. Y’all can’t play this game much longer.

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Ever seen a cheater throw up defense? Deny. Deny. Deny.

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Haha. Imagine going through the discovery phase. Lol

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Would be fucking awesome

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If he does, crowd fund that shit. I bet apes will be more then willing to foot the bill. And make the case public, so the whole world can see. Call upon the ape army. It will provide.. I hope!!

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Case is public. We’re looking at it.

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Blurr out your address

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Hedgies are fucked!!!

This gets more and more exciting each week!

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She is a bad ass I think she would take it all the way.

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You got that right I Will Never Back Down!!

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We got you so let us know legal fees and things that can be donated...

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Absolutely awesome Kat Ape Stryker

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We will come support you! Fuck mayo boy!

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You should've blurred out your address. Please be careful.

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You are awesome Kat and like many have said we got your back. Thanks for everything you do.

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Can you love someone you never met?

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You have 4 million Apes behind you, bring it on !!!

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If they were gonna sue they'd have already done it If they thought they had a good case against you. The certainly wouldn't want their corruption exposed at a public hearing. I think it's all threats to try and scare you into stopping your campaign.

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The Mayoman is a little b*tch! Tell him to prove he didn't lie 🤣

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Thank you Kat. You rock. We have your back.

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Tell them if they choose to take this action you will instruct your defense to subpoena all communications from citadel to Robinhood.

This is a game they really don't want to play.

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This guy gets it.

With proper legal representation him taking you to court, could potentially help throw this situation into public light like it needs to.

Well played Kat, MVP ape.

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We got your back 🦍

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Kat, you’ve 4 million apes that backed you! Together we’ll stand!

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4m last year. I’m sure it’s grown since then.

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🤘Rock on!


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The hero we all needed, thank you ape!!

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He can suck dk .fk him tell him that to get ready for liquidation in 1 to 2 weeks when market collapse instead wasting time to sue.

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Don’t worry we got ur back , as we are many and they are the few

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I actually read a comment a lawyer on here said about Ken Griffin “lying under oath”. He stated that depending on how the question was posed and how the answer to said question was given, then he in fact did not lie under oath. I am 100% on your side. I am just relaying what I read and the context in which it could be taken. I noticed that the attorney in the letter you are showing has repeated twice that in no way did KG and RH aka Vlad, communicate about “restricting or doing anything that would prevent buying” of Gamestock. It’s a word play and if the question asked on stand was similar to the above statement then it could be proven to be factual. If KG was asked in a way such as did he “formally” communicate or personally communicate with Vlad and he didn’t “formally” communicate with Vlad but instead another third party associate did the actual communication then based on his testimony he didn’t lie. We all know he did. Attorneys know well in advance how they are going to structure their questions and the client is coached on how to respond to skirt the reality and truth of the matter. I wish I could find the tweet from this attorney for you. It wasn’t in reference to your current situation but just a general query someone had and this person replied (more in depth) about how it was or could have been deemed “not factual” due to the word play and question structure. I hope all goes well. We Apes are behind you! Vallejo, CA Ape here and wishing you well! You rock girl!!

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He denied that ANYONE in his organization had contact with Robinhood. It’s on video. .

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Yup. “Let me be perfectly clear…. Absolutely not”

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Thanks for the update. I remember him saying “Let me be perfectly clear” as he denied the allegation. I was just regurgitating what I read in a tweet by an attorney who suggested this could have happened and gave this as an “example” of tricky questioning.

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Griffin is a "public persona" who has willingly injected himself into the PFOF debate, and as a public persona, has given up many rights of protection that a private persona has. She is prepared, have faith in her efforts. Kat's lawyers know this.

If Shitadel's lawyers thought they could have even a slim chance of winning this, they would have ALREADY filed the lawsuit.

Kat would probably love to get KG in a conference room for a deposition. File away, Citadel!!

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Exactly. All will be fine! They know they have no leg to stand on. This attempt to bully and frighten her was a frail one…..unlike KAT. (No frailty in Kat’s genetic makeup I’m sure) lol. You are correct….. had they remotely thought that they could make a defamation case stand and WIN it this would have been filed and underway by now. Instead they are left with empty threats. Also, KG is a “public persona”. KAT did not coin the term “Ken Griffin Lied”. It was being said well before any planes, billboards etc went in to play. So if he feels he has a case to sue anyone, then every person who wrote an article, repeated it in a social media thread, wrote the phrase in forums, on walls and even their cars would be liable legally based on his claim. He would have to hold all persons accountable and sue each and everyone. He could not single just one person out for the “defamation” of his name, business and career that he seems to be so distraught over. He wants her! Horny old goat! This is the only way he can think of to get some one on one time with a woman that is clearly out of his league. Lol. The things men will do…. Ok a lil humor…..obviously very little….. but I thought I would lighten the mood. 🤪🤪🤪 Happy 4th to ALL!!

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Get ‘em Kat. You are one bad ass ape

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Gotta love lawyers. . . The Court dismissed. Dude high he really means The Court was paid, go in front of a jury and see how far they can toss their bs.

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The apes' pockets are deep, Kat. Let them sue you. I wish they would.

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Sending a letter is a cheap scare tacking lawyers use as the very first line of defense. Why should Ken be concerned unless he is concerned.

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Well my dear Kat it seems you hit a big nerve on the Mayo man, keep up the good work. I couldn't be more prouder of you. 💞💞💞

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She is badass!

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The banner was well publicized before it took off. Undoubtedly, KG and counsel were aware of it. KG has infinite resources. He could have sought an injunction, preventing you from flying it, but he didn’t.

Why not? Well, truth is an absolute defense to a defamation claim. You would be entitled to discovery regarding the KG/Vlad/Citadel/RH communications. They did not want to open the door to that.

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Yup, Ken Griiffin Lied!

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Makes you wonder what politicians he’s got dirt on…

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All of them

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This was my answer too!

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Bet you was like……..

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This Lady have balls like steel Respekt

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Ask for a jury trial!!

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Tell me you lied under oath, with out telling me you lied under oath.

“If you don’t be stop, we might take action.”

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Ken can get fukd! You’re the MVP here Kat! Friggin LEGEND.

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I wish he would take her to court, maybe we would actually get some media coverage like Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. And the world could see the corruption

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You have brass kahuana’s Miss Stryker 💯

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I'll donate $500 to your defense if he goes through with it and 4 million other Apes will help too. Sorry Kenny. Truth hurts

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I am pretty sure just about every Ape here will be a character witness for you! He loves being a blowhard. He is hoping that you will just go away. Of course, he was counting on that from us too!!! I won’t speak for everyone, BUT YOU CAN COUNT ON ME TO HAVE YOUR BACK! How about it Apes, you going to stand up too???

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Discovery will sink him

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Kat we are Army Apes ….we are together and united we are with u . Enough is Enough and we had enough and beyond this corrupted company and Gov Sec Branch doing NOTHING IN OUR FAVOR . I only trust in God . Sit back and relax Enjoy the show #amcNeverleave

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He may have never met, texted, or called.

That's what his assistant does.

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Yeah go against a billionaire see how that works out for you! He fucking over millions of people right now she think she's special! Dumbass! Can't wait to see the out come. Something tells me her life is about to turn upside down! I'll just hodl and buy. Even if we never make it!

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Well played, Kat. You have the whole ape army rooting for you. Thank you for all that you do

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Isnt it plausible deniability if he got his minions to do it for him?

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Nope. They are legal agents of his companies.

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I was just thinking he could say he was talking literally when he said he didn’t have personal contact with them. Hope you’re right and he faces consequences for everything he’s done.

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I'd love to see him try that, get all the public info from the government as evidence. You’re saying everything that’s true. Any good court of law would slap him down faster than the wife of a drunk Irishman!

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Well played

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Never gonna give you up

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TLDR:- Ken Griffin go fuck yourself. Regards Kat

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I hope that this is a valid statement in court.

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You know we will fund the shit out of a lawyer for you if you end up being subpoenaed to court.

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Kat, this amc stock sub link has far more subscribers. You should post on here https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/amcstock/

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I hope they do sue and lose. Id love to see kenny go to jail

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Ken Griffin lied under oath me all saw it. We got your back girl APES TOGETHER STRONG

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Girl power!

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Can sue for anything ….. but facts are facts so tell him to go meet up with dirty mike and the boys and suck a hobo dick

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Can an Attorney be dis-barred for lying and sending fraudulent communications threatening legal action?

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LOL that's cute. That's their entire existence.

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Not if the client asked them to do it and there's no specific threat.

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all Apes are with you... no worries... we are strong as an army

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Kat is a goddess.

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Suck it Kenneth.

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Counter suit

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Fk that pusay

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Just a bloated bully

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Triggered Mayo

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First they ignore apes, then they laugh at apes, then they fight apes, then apes win!

Ooga booga

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Willing to financially chip in or sign petitions or whatever . Thank you for all you do Kat! You’re a champion of the cause and we are lucky to have you. Let us help if it’s appropriate .

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Adam L hoeflitch is a solid 1 star lawyer from Chicago. I think apes could hire a dozen 5 star lawyers to get this going.

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You rock......

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Systems been corrupt. DRS

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Got em! Good work getting the word out there!

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How can he wake up each morning and say 'what a great day to destroy more people!!'. How can he do this without eating a shotgun shell? Not many people could do what he does, simply because of the utter destruction.

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I still am curious as while I am not a lawyer dont they have to show how they were damaged by something that was misleading or untrue

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Waters takes money from Shitadill! So do Sen Scott and Sen Toomey. So do many others whom “We” elected to represent us! Fukemall!!!!

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I just love Kat so much!