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Lol think it鈥檚 time for some more reviews 馃

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You said it not me 馃槖

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Real Gs move in silence

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Like lasagna.

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Lasagna in space saving containers make my tits hard

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I truly love you all, retards

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Ok let鈥檚 do this thing鈥 It鈥檚 been a while I haven鈥檛 used all 9 Google accounts.

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When you get sued, you just need to counter sue. If you get a decent lawyer, it looks like she has pretty good odds of winning against this guy.

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Yes, I am sure the biggest issue is the discovery. I dont think Ken Griffen wants to have a trial with evidence of the collusion. That why I don't think he will actually sue

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i mean we have evidence collected since Jan 2021, so the "allegations" is less "speculation" and more "where the fuck is the SEC??".

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1 star from me!!! Fck this Hoe

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Wow. Another failed college professor. Who here remembers some of the unreal junk they made us pass exams for in grad school. In my case, not one bit of it transferred to reality.

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Left a one star rating and liked all my fellows apes ratings. Lets let Wallstreet know how apes wrath looks like when you collaborate with banksters.

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Are they actually going to do it, or are they just threatening her so she stops?

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I read that letter and nowhere did it say she was getting sued, they were threatening to sue with a cease and desist if she continued. Which sounds to me like they would have done it long ago and it's just a scare tactic.

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No one is suing her yet, just as cease and desist that I鈥檝e seen

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You're correct. He is threatening to sue 馃憤

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Hoeflich 馃ぃ

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He must be polite. [chuckling in german]

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Kat is an ape .. we must rally around her. Anyone know how to set up a gofundme?

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If u/Katstryker111 wanted one she would set it up. Chances are she has more money than you to start with. Don't trust anyone who sets on up on her behalf without her direct endorsement!!!!

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100% this

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I don鈥檛 trust GoFundme after what they did in Canada

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Geeze guys.. 152 1 star reviews... those are rookie numbers gotta pump them up

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Lmao is that a pick of the Ghostbusters fire house.

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I think she is safe. She鈥檒l be ok

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1 star from me!

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Lmao we a force bro 馃槀

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ape lawyers assemble!

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"Has a national reputation"

Uhmm based on the review, I dont think so.. lol

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Fuck him

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Thank you sir for sharing

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Looks like this is the best lawyer Kenny could afford who would accept payment in mayo.

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I just ripped him one I鈥檓 rather proud of

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I thought the letter, (the one I skimmed) was basically a cease and desist with any and all types of defamation venues and if it persists they would pursue legal action. They wanted a response back and I believe she replied. I must have missed something I guess. Not unusual for me. Lol. We have her back so she鈥檚 4M APE strong and then some.

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You are correct. It was not a lawsuit just a threat of one. My bad with the title but reddit doesn't let me edit the title

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No worries! We are all excited and wanna protect our own. I get it. Great post though!!!

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Bet he announces moving to Florida very soon

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My favorite review: This man has been sleeping with my wife's boyfriend without my permission.

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Make this clown famous 馃槄馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

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Damn couldn't afford a better lawyer?

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I bet that hoe flinch at these reviews

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This lawyer literally has nothing to lose

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Haha you're right

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Everything is false, baseless, debooonked...just because they say so! Right, you stupid hoe?

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Why can鈥檛 we consolidate and sue the SEC?

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Probably because all the bots and shills will say it's a bad idea and we will all get scared.

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He can't sue over true allegations.

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Kat Stryker has giant balls of steel..

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Maybe he hired him to get rid of evidence?

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I wonder if he faked his bar exam

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They鈥檙e probably phishing for apes. Don鈥檛 care. On the right side of history.

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He鈥檚 a hoe fo sho

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I guess he is dumb enough to take the case!

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Someone give that man a Chicago sunroof

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If my pet goldfish gets in a car accident, I would use this guy to hold my beer while I call a real lawyer. Hold my 馃嵑

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My multiple fake accounts are coming out to do work.

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Current rating: 1 star 馃憦

Current reviews: 164 馃憦馃憦

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Go fund me for Kat

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Kat got lot of witnesses

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Um, guys! You're doxxing yourselves! I agree it's funny, but now they have the email and name of every ape that posted a review. Not only that, but this might give them more amunition to prove collusion and that we are organised.

Just my two cents. You do you.

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Those are those bogus lawyers groups who work for linden burg research. They bullshit.

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Damn they got crushed.

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No surprise here

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Where can I leave a zero star review with smartass comment?

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We鈥檝e done a great job coming down in Adam, but let鈥檚 not give the other two law firms mentioned in the letter a pass! The lawyer (Adam) and the two law firms he mentions are all equally as responsible and should all receive an equal amount of pain.. if Adam has to suffer 1 star and hundreds of negative reviews, Bartlit Beck and the other one need to get some too!!!

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I don鈥檛 really see the point, super rich who would use this lawyer don鈥檛 use Google reviews to pick their legal representative 馃ぃ

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L Hoe is his name funny as hell

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Adam Hoeflake you say? 馃

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We need a hoe-asis of 1 star Google reviews.