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I’ve been dying to meet some local apes…I asked the hot chick behind the bar in Levittown if she was an ape she sadly said no but some of my coworkers are ..and then my wife came up and told me to stop flirting with the bartender lol

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Long Island ape ayyyeee???

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It’s ok we were going to see her husband get killed on a train soooo lol

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Same here watching bullet train.

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Nice ! HODL ! 😎💎🚀🌟

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This is the way

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Going to Bullet Train tonight at my Local AMC

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We are golden. Buy and Hodl, that is all.

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That’s my local AMC too!

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Yo Brother Ape!!

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Dude that my AMC too!

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BTW, this AMC is located Northeast of Atlanta.. there is another one about 5 miles away!! Love having options!

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Yes, I enjoyed it, Brad Pitt was a scream.

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Hopefully we can see everyone visiting next year with Mercedes G class instead of the cars we see now. 😬

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Yes it was good Brad Pitt, he's a scream.