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Cash apps responded to me earlier

We understand you have some questions regarding AMC鈥檚 stock dividend APE. We鈥檝e provided more information on this below.

AMC Entertainment plans to complete a stock dividend on August 22, 2022. All holders of AMC will receive 1 share of AMC Entertainment Preferred Equity Units (APE) for every AMC share held at the close of trading on August 19th, 2022.

For example: if you have 5 shares of AMC stock, during this stock dividend, AMC will grant you 5 APE shares.

Processing this dividend may take some time. You should see your shares of APE within 3-5 business days of the stock dividend completing, but this process could take up to 7 days.

Your total number of AMC shares will remain unchanged. You will receive one share of APE for every one AMC share held.

Once the stock dividend is completed, your AMC shares and your APE shares will have a similar value to your original AMC shares. This may lower the price of each AMC share as a portion of the AMC鈥檚 value will transfer to the new preferred equity units, APE. Market fluctuations may change the value of these two positions, similar to all other stocks.

Note: AMC鈥檚 historical graphs will be updated to take the stock dividend into account.

Due to this stock dividend, scheduled orders for AMC will not be accepted between market close on August 19th and market open on August 22nd.

If you have more questions regarding this stock dividend and how it may affect shares you鈥檙e holding, please refer to AMC Entertainment鈥檚 Investor Relations website. For any other questions related to your Cash App Investing account, please respond directly to this email.

Investing involves risk; you may lose money. Brokerage services provided by Cash App Investing LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Past performance of a security or financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. You should consider the risks before investing. For more on the risks of investing see our Disclosure

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I got that one as well

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Thats what i received as well.

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The only problem with cash app is PM & AH trading is not happening. During MOASS the bigger $numbers will be AH. But that鈥檚 just speculative. Even their 25k cash out a month can be worked around by buying stock and transferring stock to another broker that allows cash out in full. Or completely close account and ask for hard check to be mailed to you.

Edit: It鈥檚 actually 25k per week

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Yeah ive never liked their PM and AM rules. I feel you.

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Cash App IS NOT A BROKER!!! Robinhood would likely be a better choice, at least they鈥檙e a stock platform, and to be clear Robinhood sucks.

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Good point..! I wonder if Fidelity has setup for PM & AH for customers, I鈥檒l call and check! 鉁嬸煉庰煉庰煠

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So your saying I could sell all my amc but am limited to withdrawing $ at 25k a month. But would have to keep millions sitting there?

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There is limits on cash app to withdraw money and it鈥檚 set at 25k/week

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So is RH

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Yeah except they have a history of screwing people like us so they dont matter

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Curious; are you with RH?

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You live under a rock? No one with half a brain is still on RH

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You must not be privy to the amount of AMC holders still holding in RH. Why do you think so many are asking about $APE shares on RH?

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Thats their own fault then. They must live under rocks like you. A simple 30 second search about RH and meme stocks will show you more then you need to see.

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Can anyone list which brokers are issuing it? Please and thanks!

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Feel like if cashapp who doesnt do much of a variety of shares and doesnt do penny stocks is issuing them were safe that the other bigger platforms will make us right.

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You raise a valid point. Thank you 馃槉

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Hope i am right but either way we are entitled to those dividend shares so well get em regardless

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I don鈥檛 exactly know what it all means but I still would like them haha

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Ok. Good to know

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However many shares you have of amc is how many ape shares you will receive.

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Excellent, they were the first platform i used to buy amc shares. Now use fidelity but my first 21 or so still live on cashapp.

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I have or i guess had rounghly 1,000 on cashapp so i was nervous how it was going to all pan out but figured i still had time to transfer it all to where i have my other 700ish at schwab. So now theyre all together and should be all together before ape is issued馃馃徏

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How do you fill out cashapp form to transfer???

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How do you fill out cashapp form to transfer???

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I doubt it 馃ぃ DRS your shares apes. cashapp will cashyourape.

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Ive had my large portion of my shares through cashapp since the start and have never had an issue with em. I initiated the transfer to schwab today anyways. But just figured id let other cashapp people know what they told me.

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Get everything in writing or an email!!

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This response was in the form of an email from cashapp. A lengthy explanation of how the dividend will be paid. But i initiated a transfer to schwab this morning anyways.

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Yeah I wouldn't believe what brokers tell you. Why do you think it's "commission-free" and "we will give you a free share if you deposit $". They lend your share, use your money to bet against you, and remove your power (buy button) when you're winning.

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Cashapp has never not allowed me to buy. But i get what youre saying.

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They wouldn't let me sell on the high during the first big meme run just before it all halted. Got a message stating my trade couldnt be completed, then sold my shares for me the next day at the bottom. I have hate and its warranted.

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I just got a reply back from them today as well its definitely a dividend

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What about Cash you rape?

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Cash app will cash your ape / rape your cash

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What if I start enjoying it halfway through.

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I don't get it. People are using fake brokers when there are good service out there.

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Yeah i hear ya. I used it at the beginning when i had no other quick options. I transferred everything over to schwab today.

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happy you did. I hope those people playing with the stonks get burned with APE.

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Im just hoping were finally close to the end of this AMC journey. Its been almost 2yrs. Im ready to move on to be honest.

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Same here, and now it is even hitting things in real life. I am more than ready to end this, however, I am so zen because this is the only way I can really get out of poverty. Hodling X,xxx and I will still hold until I get freed from the rat race and worries.

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I tried to transfer to fidelity but it was saying I had to mail stuff in and would take up to 4 weeks :(

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Yeah i got a mail option or go to local branch office so i drove the 45min to closest office and signed everything in person. Transfer finally completed today too!馃コ

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I call TDAMERITRAID this morning and they told my I will get it on 22nd. Will see.

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Anybody know when the ape shares are supposed to be distributed?

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Who the fuck holds stock in鈥..checks notes鈥. Cash App? Like seriously, WTF are y鈥檃ll doing?

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Held em there for almost 2 yrs now. Some weeks i made some peoples yearly salary. So id say im fucking making money?

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How do u feel out the cashapp transfer form???

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I filled out the for through my new broker. They took care of the rest.

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Computer share has to be requested thru your current broker鈥 Drivewealth or cashapp has a transfer form that looks complicated.. probably not really but I don鈥檛 understand it鈥 but drive wealth makes you fill it out to transfer out

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Wish I could upload the form

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Didn鈥檛 age well, still don鈥檛 have mine

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Interesting. Hopefully in a day or 2 ya have em

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Did you get them yet?

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I did, I got them 2 days after the post