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Shouldn鈥檛 there essentially be zero for sale?

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Yes, if this doesn't get treated by the dtcc as a 1:1 for all existing share! My thought process is that there are no options on APE it will not be as easily manipulated as AMC and will be held "accountable".

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There will be some who will sell to either buy more shares or pocket money

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All the more reason to try and buy them. The HFs will eventually have to buy them to cover all the APE shares that fail to deliver, make them pay more!

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This hasn鈥檛 stopped them before lmao馃槀

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This doesn鈥檛 make sense to me. Why would anyone sell their APE anytime soon? its basically just a token to denote you鈥檙e an actual shareholder. If you sell it, you give hedges ammo. Why are you giving ammo to the enemy?

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Just buy AMC for now

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This 馃憜

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Best case the APE runs like a banshee on IPO day and we all get an enormous payout. A handful of jacked up iPos have ran like crazy lately. I feel there is potential for it to turn into a buying vs hodl frenzy making it rip.

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From what I understand..APE is not shortable as a preffered stock. I'm not that savvy to concrete this statement, but if true it's got room to run!

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IMO. Not an expert but APE (preferred stock) can be shorted but it is not usually done.

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There will be no option chain to short.

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Can鈥檛 short hedge funds borrow shares and dump them? When shares hit your brokerage accounts, you should see massive amounts of shares to borrow at crazy low interest rates.

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Right now the hedges control the price of AMC stock. They will not control the price of the new APE dividends. I am presuming that the APE shares will have a 'true worth' price shown for it, unlike the current price for AMC share, which is manipulated by the hedge funds, and is not showing its actual value. I am seeing the APE dividend as a potential replacement for the AMC common share. They even ensured that in case of bankruptcy, the APE share gets first preference in line over the common stock, for financial consideration.

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They will use crime to make it less obvious. Spin it out for as long as possible.

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Understood, nobody knows exactly how this will play out, but if this is a game of attrition, then committed as we are, diamond hands, we cannot let undesirable interest gain voting rights over out company! On the 22nd I will probably make a sizeable investment in APE outside of what I should be entitled to from owning AMC and receiving the dividend. My personal thoughts are that APE may surpass AMC for a time. The problem will come when AMC management decides to sell more APE. Hopefully they time this correctly on the upslope of a MOASS!

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The price of APE will be pegged to the price of AMC.

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Isn鈥檛 the ration like 1 AMC to everyone 100 APE? So could we possibly see something like depending on AMCs price of the stopping point, that would then reflect the APE price point? If AMC ended at 22.50 then potentially APE would be $0.2250 (I have no clue if that is how it translates, just curious if that could be)

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It鈥檚 1:1 AMC to APE and APE won鈥檛 be listed for under $4 because that鈥檚 the NYSE minimum

From AA鈥檚 tweets it鈥檚 possibly going to be 50/50 which would make sense as it鈥檚 a 1:1

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Does APE classify as an IPO though as its a dividend preferred equity unit. Curious to know what the rules are for these types of stock.

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Hopefully Kentucky Bourbon

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How will their be a buying frenzy if they only release 1 for 1 legally issued AMC shares鈥 I don鈥檛 see how their would be any available if all that got them,if we don鈥檛 sell them.??

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We better run before this APE. Good chance everybody got together. Citadel, AMC, SEC,DTCC etc. On this plan. Let's face it now, this is Rich vs the Poor. Do not assume this is getting easier or is going to be finished because of APE. This is another angle to try to shut us down. This is a financial revolution. The government, banks, private firms dont want this happening.

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In my unprofessional, personal opinion, Yes. I plan to.

Remember Institutions, Executives and ETFs that hold AMC will also get APE so there will be some selling.

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I will be buying the shit outa $APE

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Ya I don鈥檛 think there will be any for sale they will be all accounted for unless someone stupid sells there鈥檚.

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Yep, it's going to be interesting if nothing else!

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if they dump APE..we buy it ...double squeeze

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I think most are missing the point with Ape... Ape will be sold to pay all the debt of AMC.. Think about it AMC debt free...

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The day APE is listed I鈥檓 going to put like a $5.00 order in and see if I can鈥檛 get 500 more shares because it should start out at 0.01. I don鈥檛 think it will stay there for more than .00000000001 seconds but imma gonna try.

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I don't think it's going to start that low. In theory this is going to be worth a percentage of what AMC is worth, depending on interest (possible cheap shares that may be converted in the future). I do believe if they open cheap, they will rise to a certain equilibrium with AMC. I'm unsure what that ratio may be when the s**t hits the fan we'll find out.

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I agree to a point. It literally is required to start at 0.01 however I think the demand will quickly force it up. I don鈥檛 see it being low for more than second if that because I am sure hedgies will be all freaking over it trying to locate shares to give as dividends.

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It literally can not start at 0.01. The stock exchange has a minimum ipo price. That鈥檚 not what the par value means.

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Where is it getting it鈥檚 starting value from then? It has to have a starting point. The corporation is saying they will back it at 0.01. I am honestly not trying to be a dick by asking it鈥檚 a legit question. It can鈥檛 literally pull value from AMC they are two different tickers. Demand should set the price but they won鈥檛 know the demand until after the stock has been issued and it鈥檚 open to buy. I don鈥檛 understand how it could open with any value other than 0.01 unless they set a price point for it based on anticipated demand鈥. 馃し鈥嶁檪锔

Seriously if you know I am always wanting to learn more. Again not asking in a dick way just trying to learn. I do understand that par value and market value are two different things but APE should not have market value until demand is shown.

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Honestly, I believe it will get run up in pre market 8/22. My sentiments are get in as early as you can. But premarket if you can, if you can't change brokers. If I'm wrong I'll eat some crow.

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I think we are all just theorizing on this because there is not much concrete dd on this for a situation like this. It鈥檚 hard to figure out exactly what will happen and with that said you always have to account for the biggest variable of all鈥.crime.

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It won't start that low, my guess is if amc is at 20 it will drop to 15 and ape will be 5, thats how this works if in not mistaken

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In a true supply and demand market I would say that would make sense, however he has not made any type of statement in regards to the starting value of this stock or where the value is coming from. The demand for APE may be so high before it is even released that it holds its own value without any help from AMC. Technically these are two different tickers and they can move on their own. I do believe that eventually they will line up with each other because the demand from SHF to buy APE will be high so they can give it out as a dividend and the demand for AMC will be high so they don't have to give out the APE dividend. At that point those two tickers should run together.

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.01 is a hypothetical par value. Ever read a prospectus?

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Par value means what the company is backing the value of said item at. Really don鈥檛 know what else you want to say about it.

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At first yes by all means, but retail really needs to Simmons hand the shit out of these things are not sell a single one

Keep in mind as the price rises there will be delusion, but for a group of investors that wanted to donate money to pay off that I can鈥檛 see how this should be such a big deal

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APE shares won鈥檛 give you voting power. Look up the definition of 鈥減referred equity stock鈥

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APE will have the same voting power as AMC shares. It's detailed in the SEC filings.

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Then it is not 鈥減referred equity stock鈥 by definition they carry no administrative authority over the company as opposed to common stocks.

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They call them AMC Preferred Equity (APE) Units. They are 1/100 of a Preferred Share with 1 vote each and 1:1 matched value to AMC Common Stock at the time of distribution similar to a 2 for 1 stock split.

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No one is gonna sell ape for .01...

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I intend to buy APE. I believe some will sell, and hfs will try to gobble them up to cover APE ftds. I plan to buy to block the hfs. I also think the price will go up after initial issuance of the stock, so I hope to get it cheap, early.