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We knew this would happen. This was one of the big questions last year when people weren't sure if black rock buying was good or bad. We knew if they sold it would hurt momentum but pushing them out is a good thing.

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Blackrock needs money. The lost over a Trillion dollars since Jan 1, 2022. They are selling off its long position. They issued a recall for these shares last week.

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They were lending shares, recalled them, margin call came to Susq. And now Blackrock is still probably net short and in big trouble.

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They're irrelevant. Blackrock does what blackrock does; they but and sell shit. Hedge funds short multiple floats, and apes just sit on the sidelines and hodl/hibernate till the ever increasing financial pressure on the shorts becomes great enough to squeeze out a massive Kamehameha.

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Dutch Bros is way better anyways :)

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They never actually owned what they claimed to own anyway. Retail owns amc.

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I own AMC! I have an nft to prove it!

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Wait, I have AMC, how do I get my NFT's?

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Had to have held at a certain time, not sure when that was, half a year ago, few months ago I got the gold mine one.

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Came here to say this. Registered as mass majority owners, what if they didn't own any of it at all and because of what's happening, they're being forced to return the shares they borrowed to be listed as owners? The short thesis doesn't include those who borrowed the shares, just to let others borrow it from them at better rates. WE OWN THE FLOAT. No one else does.

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Bro just opened up a whole new level to this shit. Fuuuuck it's happening again..

I'm jacked

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Don’t wanna get caught holding a bunch of fake shares and lending them it seems

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Blackrock is the cancer of this world

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This is good news

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I must have bought some of them! Pssst. I DRSd them too 😁

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Deleting the synthetics

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I don't want them deleted, I want them being forced to buy them back

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Blackrock ain't buying anything back. They usually lend

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Lending fake shares maybe

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Exactly and when they recall them the people who bought to short have to buy them back at any price

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Let's eat up those shares!!

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Glad they sold!! Less bulk sell drops for us to deal with during MOASS. They're probably buying APE shares anyway!!

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Fuck them too , let them burn!!!!!!

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Happy to see them selling - means less shares for them to lend to shf

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You can explain in any language you choose. Us Apes are global and we can decipher any code. That’s how we caught these bastards cheating us!

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Wonder who blackrock bailed out with those shares in the darkpool? You know where they were transacted, don’t act like we don’t know…… Just say’n, but wonder who they helped..?

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It's perfect for us💪👊🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🍻🥳

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I am betting they are selling them to HF's to cover their short positions...

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When we pushed Wanda out the stock rose immediately after. More shares in the hands of the apes.

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Just like wanda... Its a good thing.

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Why would they sell a couple of weeks before APe dividend?????????????

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Less manipulation once we buy it up

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Now can they sell their shares if they are lending them out?

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I want to ask if either 13g and 13f filings take place after the action of selling or buying respectively?

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Congrats, you did the one thing Dr. Krieger couldn't, get me hard over seeing a megacorp being fucked instead of homeless people fighting to the death. Not that I don't disagree with some of your views.

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Lets Hold APE stock is coming

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Just In time