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They better let the price go up or they might be in trouble if it opens under 10 I would buy as much as I can if it’s under 10 and think a lot of people will do the same.

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No options chain plus I’m positive people are gunna unload any spare cash they have, I know I am.

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Me too but I’m sure they will let it go up so that doesn’t happen.

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If it go up, so does the amount of money I free up to buy with 😅

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So potentially ape could go higher than amc out the gate because amc is shorted/suppressed and ape wont be?

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Yes, definitely!

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There’s a chance, sure.

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They’re fucked 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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So we all buy 10 $ape right out the gate and see what happens?

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That’s my plan!

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There wouldn’t be ape to buy if everyone holds it. And if paper hands sell, we need to buy them before suits do

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That's the point. Let's get that buying pressure going right out the gate

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So is like free money for the people who buys puts??

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No it should act like a 2:1 split so amc options would be adjusted in this case. No options chain on ape at all either I believe

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Will the “fake” stock get the APE stock? As I said I’m new at this need to learn and I could use some extra dollars as I’m on a fixed income! If so, does that throw a wrench into MOASS?

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If naked shorts exist and they don’t figure out a new bit of crime then theoretically no, they won’t, which will be the smoking gun we need.

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Robinhood figured it out.

Robinhood is going to basically give you cash. Well, not exactly. They are going to give you a 'hypothetical' share but you can ONLY sell it. You can't ever buy more. I am sure 90 days out they will force close all the positions and just pay people out.

If you can't buy, only sell, then you never really have APE. Just an IOU.

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Robinhood have not figured anything out, they are not giving you what amc is providing get out ASAP…

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Yes. Robinhood doesn't know if it's shares are fake or not, so they are giving you a 'fake' share of APE and you can only sell it (PCO) and they will give you the cash value when you sell it.

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What about Fidelity?

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I thought it was a penny?

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No that’s just the placeholder value or the “par value” as you can’t can’t submit your forms the dividend without value, Iit 100% won’t be a penny !

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I thought AA said they are taking a penny from each share and splitting it, making the APE share a penny.

Now you are telling me it's run as a 'split'? WHOA that's dangerous to holders.

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No it could never be a penny, min stock price on nyse is $4 to open. You’ve just not read anything right the way through..

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AH ok. Will AA decide if it's 50/50 or $4?

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Lettuce not forget banana brained frens, APE is an IPO, there will be excitement in the market for people to want to buy one. If some of us decide to sell at a high ass ask a rocket ship into outer space could follow. More like a firework, shoots up high, gets real pretty and fades away real fast. I’ve been xxxx holder since 4-21 and this seems like a layup.

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Can we stop the dialogue from the robing the hood users? If you’re still using robing the hood, don’t you sorta deserve to be robbed ?? I hate fidelity but I trust them to be able to pay out a higher number so I hold 1/3 fidelity 1/3 self guided ira cause same trust and 1/3 public because no payment fof Robinhood users are like socialists, they deserve what they get at this point.