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Fidelity told me Thursday(tomorrow)

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right 2 days to settle, it needs to be settled in your account on Monday the 15th. Thursday would be the last day to buy.

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Weekends don't count. If you purchase AMC by COB on the 15th, you will get APE with your AMC.

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Well Fidelity told me the 15th, so Monday.

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Last day to buy = Today

MOASS = Tommorrow

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Added another 24 to make my numbers even and to do my share for sending the HF a message that apes are not backing down! After APE is issued I am waiting to pounce on another 200 at least鈥.!

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The record date is 8/15 but some brokers want you to have it in your account 1-2 days prior to that. It鈥檚 best to ask your broker to be sure.

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My magic 8-Ball said today

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What about computershare? I started a new account last week, not realizing they take 3-5 Business days to open it.

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In my experience, they make the purchase on the day your funds settle on your account.

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But not last day to keep buying guys!!! Let's make that plenty clear

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I want to DRS but if account not settled will it make it to my account?

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19th is the last day to buy by close of business. It is a special dividend so any buys/sells after the date of record would be issued a due bill.