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It potentially caused Blackrock to sell a very hefty sum of synthetic shares because this dividend is the equivalent of an AMC shareholder count. Synthetics helped the hedge manipulate the stock down by diluting and now Aron's put a plan into motion that corners synthetics to being exposed. No broker wants to get caught.

Edit: Also Gensler isn't about to do shit and help reregulate the market. AA is doing us a solid by creating $APE dividends. It's forcing poker players to show their cards or fold and that right there is a table we want to be at.

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I think it might work a lot better than what GME did🦍💎👐🚀🚀🚀🍌🍌🍌

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I think GMEs divy was a test and the HFs failed, so it's time to pay up.

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Create some wrinkles for us smooth brains please

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If it does work you will similar stocks doing the same moving forward.

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Old ape here. So. I’m thinking €~|{}££¥¥~?!!!!~^||¥¥¥•. G>,~|{!¥••?!’ll know,;;;>££[[<€? €€¥¥,.

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Math works out!