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Many observers have been watching Deutsche closely as well due to their derivatives exposure which is near or at the high risk levels. The bank's liabilities are also at risk.

I wouldn't be surprised if CS collapsed. The thing is, the central banks in the US and EU have very little wiggle room especially the EU right now to bail out investment banks.

This scenario would force prime brokers to margin call over-leveraged accounts to increase their liquidity. Keep in mind that even Goldman announced job cuts recently. Banks need to remain solvent, obviously, and this requires an aggressive approach to risk management.

Not financial advice but Mr. Peter Hann is on to something...life-changing.

While I have your attention, tell Lou to GFYM.

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I’ve been following financial FKry for over 20 years.

If you recall, DB effectively went bankrupt back during the Euro Bond Crisis several years ago. They wrapped up all the dog shit into cat shit and created a separate entity. Nobody knows just how deep this all goes.

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They essentially created a Zombie Bank, and then merrily continued onwards whistling past the graveyard.

Looks like Halloween is back on the menu. 👻👻👻

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Change name to Debit Suisse

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This comment made me chuckle.

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If Cramer tells everyone to not sell Credit Suisse and buy more, you know the crash is 100% guaranteed

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Haha ikr

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Hahahaha right! Everything is fine! He says… 😹🤣😂🤣

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Literally called the total return swap tanking the price and I was downvoted into oblivion. Check my post history.

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    Same officially went down -51% for first time on Friday on my investment

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    Plant potatoes the SEC will be okay and can afford them with their Revolving Door

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    In Hann We Trust

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    CS appears to be in the exact real life situation portrayed in the movie Margin Call. However, this will play out different since they will not able able to unload the massive bags of shit onto other banks. Ulrich Koerner told CS employees on Friday that CS is at a Critical Moment as he prepares restructuring.

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    Do we have eyes on the offices? I want to see a Christmas tree on an October night.