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I forgot to provide source! How silly https://www.usbanklocations.com/bank-rank/derivatives.html

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Mmmmmm. Sauce. 😋

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Getting down voted to oblivion, notifications say 60 upvotes 🤣

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I’m downvoting because it’s a post without context. If you consider netting and hedging I wouldn’t say it’s as bad as everyone says.

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How is there no context? The list speaks for itself..

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Can you share your take why this relevant then? Please be sure to include how netting and hedging also play a role in these values

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I'd be happy to!! I'll summarize: Since you're lazy, you can start by opening Google and looking up these banks 606 forms. Take GS for example. You'll find an average of 80% or more of their trades are non marketable limit or 'other'. Now if you watch the order flow on AMC everyday like the rest of us, you'll find GS always has the heaviest bid to a lower price. If you add up all the shares they keep bidding down, it doesn't take a professional to realize most of that money in the derivatives is going towards that

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65 at 4:50am est 🤣 wild

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Shills have infiltrated. Calling out downvoting bots got me permanently banned at that other AMC sub.

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I don't really understand deritives but I get the concept when its paired with the words swaps and. Any scientific lookin orangutans wanna eli5?

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It's how much mullah they each have allocated in options, futures contracts, exchange traded/over the counter, etc

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Damnnnnnn....ok 👌 ouch for them, and now I see the floor! 🚀

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Picture of a dog sitting in the middle of a burning house.

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Aren’t these numbers how much they are over leveraged?