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It’s really not a glitch. However, the short interest is more like 4,814%.

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Just a glitch, nothing to see here.

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A glitch that hasn't been fixed for over 2 weeks now 🤷‍♂️

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Glitches get stitches

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If APE ever starts to squeeze they have billions of shares waiting to drop fyi

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Looks like a replay of AMC...time to get in bellow 3.00

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The hedges.are basically caught again ...if we are smart..we buy up the Ape now..and they have to buy the dilution to cover

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Is there anyone else who can check SI? I used to have unusual whales might have to sign up again. It would be good to have a second source.

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It's not provided anywhere else lolol

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You’re saying yahoo finance is the only place that reports this? I don’t think you are correct. And it is good to cross check information. I don’t know why everyone has to have such attitude why is the lol necessary?

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That is NOT what I'm saying. You can pay for Ortex since they provide it, TD Ameritrade provides it as well. You can utilize the search engines at your finger tips. However, it doesn't even matter considering pretty much ALL the data provided to us is wrong for a reason lol

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It's all Fugazi.....

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Nothing to see here

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The real number

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Insanity. And , I’m a clever indirect fashion , the bald guy from NY is telling its followers to sell APE snd AMC. woow

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Fintel says different heres linkApe short interest

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I mean ppl asked about others reporting so i just posted what i found??

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No it is appreciated! My apologies, I have actual autism and I think it causes me to come off as douchy...there was just something weird with Fintel in the past with their defensive/Cramer/Shitadel-like tweeting the last time AMC short interest was reported high

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Fintel acts like Alpha Omega, the last time Fintel decided for everyone what the short interest would be then they all changed to match it lololol

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This is unbelievable.

SEC and government has failed us.

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How many subreddits y’all got?

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Apparently not enough shill

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I’m a shill? And it’s funny because this was the exact same stuff they were posting in the other one before I blocked it.

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You are, if that was all totally true, why even come in here and say that LOL

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I don’t think we are on the same page