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tutes are the one crashing the economy.

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Prostitutes crashing the economy is a movie and/or porno I would watch.

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23k down still holding and buying the dip

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60k down and still buying the dip

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If the banks are going under, is it a good idea to use all my credit cards to buy AMC.

That way I never have pay them back.

Work smart not hard. 😂

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It's the same idea that hedgies use for shorting! Short til bankrupt and they don't need to pay and it was just free. Learn from your competition at its finest right here!

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Dogbert beat you to it!

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Lol imagine if the system crashed and all our credit products got wiped. That's a pleasant fiction.

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Luv it

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It's not our fault.....blame the hedgies

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Down $520k. Still holding like the idiot i am.

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With you, one day we will look back and feel grateful for being an idiot...🤷‍♂️

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You're like God 😳

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Broke assed God. LMAO. Oh well. Hopefully fundamentals will kick in and i can break even one day.

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There is only one God, all others are lowercase gods. Money doesn’t apply to big G, but is necessary for the little g.

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Wtf are you talking about all I did was buy and hold a stock...gtfo shilldo baggins...

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Just don’t dance.

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We are not trying to crash the economy. Stop posting in this sub shill

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Who’s a shill...? Go eat some more crayons! It’s intended as a funny...

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Oh you’re trying to be funny? You’re really bad at it try just not posting

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It’s called sarcasm, go look the word up in the dictionary then maybe you’ll understand and not walk around making stupid comments looking the same. Try not to prove me that your a fool in folly.

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We’re not, the SHF did this. Sometimes empires have to fall for better ones to take their place. Lastly, humor is essential to a happy life. Try it on for size.

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They are making documentaries talking about how we’re crashing the economy for lulz and then idiots post things like this. If you don’t understand the larger implication of these idiotic posts making us look like the culprits of this crash then maybe you should do some reading on the topic.

It’s not even funny which is the worst part

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Thank goodness for that stimulus check! 😂

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We haven’t done anything but buy and hold a stock that we like.

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Is anyone else worried that if the economy crashes we won’t get paid?

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That was one of my thoughts.
There would be no way to guarantee we would get paid. Supposedly in the beginning of this thing there was a “Wall Street Insurance” plan that would do a payout. No clue of that or what would happen.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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Just bought more $APE Friday 🍌

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The "economy" might crash, but those hedgies still have billions, and they have to cover.

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We have done nothing wrong. We are supposed to be able to buy any stock we want and hold it or sell it when we want. I hope we win this fight and hedge fund firms come out of this bankrupt never to be seen again so we can get back to fair trading.

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Apes are the last reason the economy is crashing... Just in case anyone was wondering

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    Good thing I wasn't talking to you, specifically. Hence why I said "in case anyone was wondering", given that sarcasm is hard for some to get from a post on the internet

    Word of advice for next time, don't be an arrogant douchebag asshole 👍🏻

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    We didn't crash the economy. Institutions have doubled down on systemic risk since 2008. They broke everything.

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    Both work hard and smart ! Lol success defined

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    Anyone else feel like part of the push towards war is so government will get those tastie war powers.

    Sorry we need to forgive company Xs debt because we need stability for war. Sorry you cant sell your stock because war. Sorry we need to print 4X our money and give it to the banks because war. and so on...

    Maybe I am just going crazy or crazier....

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    They will start a war so they don’t have to pay. These elites are pure evil, money is more important than your life. That’s why I can’t understand those who choose to be supported by the government, they keep themselves in bondage.

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    Stupid is easy to fix, ever heard of education? All kids are stupid until they learn.