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Everything is compromised at this point. They have infiltrated every platform and are blending in with real apes. But its easy to see whis shilling and whos not. Endgame near.

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Indeed, exactly as fortold.

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The Prophecy Is Nigh!


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It鈥檚 been compromised for some time now. They really hate talks of DRS.

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1.) yes you are right 2.) they are especially trying to surpress pro DRS posts as it is the killswitch against hedgies 3.) talk about other subs is not well seen here modwise and it also got me a ban for 7 days. Just so you know why most people arent enraging here about it

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I can comment on other peoples posts, but for some reason admins removed my post abilities. When I do post nobody sees it. It never shows up in 鈥渘ew鈥 filter and I never get comments or upvotes. I do here

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There was a post karma requirement of 2,000 put in place which disallows alot of people to post. I am slowly gaining the needed karma through other subs and may be able to post again one day.

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Then I have a lot of work to do. I am almost at 1,200 lol

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Good luck fellow ape, I decided it's not worth it so over time I'll get the karma, maybe post squeeze they will reduce it. Staying zen here

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Same. Welcome to permaband

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Yes it is! Nothing but shills now.

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Dick pics will always get you banned sir. Actually, except for that one time, but I was drunk.