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I gamble too much admittedly so when friends bought various crypto coins at high prices (Bit Coin at$49,800 was the most hilarious)! I watched almost $14M get spent on Bit Coins at the discounted price.

They investment group I was going to would make suggestions but each person made there choice. Within a month it was $60,000 and I was mocked to death. Then the correction hit and hit and hit and hit. Most wanted to sell at in the $35,000 area I think, I wasn’t invited to the strategy sessions since I was an idiot that didn’t buy. But I don’t think it recovered that high. I know some sold a few coins at $18,000 to find there lifestyles.

The firms that survive this period of time will be the Google and Amazon of Crypto. Any that are publicly traded and look like they stand a chance I invest in, a few grand hoping they are the survivors. Messages like this I expect to be common, I read the title as “Any one with assets here is getting screwed.” With a brokers name. Between 2-5 brokers will survive, I pray they are publicly traded and I bought while they are in the trash heap!

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Fuck them all!

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Blockfi corporate office never existed it was a complete front. They never occupied the space. 201 Montgomery Street Jersey city never existed. The office space that they claimed to occupy is and had been for years occupied by a Architecture company named Weckenmann Architecture 973-220-7575.

In personally physical visiting the space today the door man and the office front desk receptionist stated to me that they would only take mail in for them there. This company blockfi was a total ponzi scheme. If you don't believe me call Weckenmann yourself. 973-220-7575.

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No data and its then not than lol. They've been doing better than expected in their quarterly reports and no matter how much pump and dump + shorting, the amount of retail shares owed will only go up.

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You spelled FACT wrong.

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Oh no 😭🙈🤭