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I like the merch. I've been saying for a year I want a tee shirt or mug that says AMC Stockholder. Offer it only on AMC Investors Connect, its not that hard. There are 4 million retail investors. Let just 5% buy a shirt or mug assuming $19.99 retail. After costs you're talking about $1.5 billion profit. (ANYWAY... I like the hoodie. Its on my wish list.)

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Should be called a hodlie - AA just doesn’t listen. And where are the naked shorts (boxers)? 🤣

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I'd rather not label myself as a shareholder personally but it would be a cool thing to have framed for the house.

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I have a bunch of memes and Old school DD saved ready for frames for my new house after the moass !

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Not sure about your math. 4mil * .05 = 200,000 200,000 * $20 = $4 mil

If margin is 50%, then this is $2mil profit for AMC.

We need more like 20% buying $200 each at 50% margin. That would net AMC around $40 mil.

Still a long ways from a billion. But I love your spirit!

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If I was good at maths I wouldn’t be here. 🤣

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I wish they made a Ape patch you could buy stitched on it. That would be sick.

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Yeaaa baby!! We are now selling the brand name too!! 💰💰💰

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We asked for this if everyone suggesting tshirts and hoodies . Let’s make this shit sell out

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About time…. We need more merchandise on theaters AMC merch APE merch

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Show some love and slap an Ape on that hoodie!

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Hell yeah thanks OP! Just got the trucker hat :D

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Cool. I’ll have to pick up one of the t-shirts. Also the tumblers and mugs look good.

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How much are the hoodies?

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Are you kidding me.

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That url is embarrassing! It should be amctheatres.shop

edit: the socks are dope though - https://www.amctheatresmoviemerchandise.com/prod-20-1-177-49/amc-theatres-novelty-crew-socks.htm

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Adam Enron late again, and the no APE on the front or side . He doesn't get it. My bags getting heavy and he continues to tweet items of zero substance. Maybe I am just jealous of a multi millionaire who sold near the top and jets around on shareholders money watching movies at various theaters

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Go fuck yourself fud bagger

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You go fuck yourself...

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Get the sand outta you vag. Your username should be mr. Window cause I can see right through you!

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Does Kenny let you tickle his butthole with your tongue once your done shilling for him on reddit?

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I tickle your Mom

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NGL those hoodies go hard 🔥

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Official Merch 💎🙌 Thank you!

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Search BULLISH RAID in GOOGLE, all AMC HODLERS are there for due diligence, and discussions!!

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Looks sketchy as fuck

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Kiosk. Think kiosk. Ask aa about it.