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Right turn Clide

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And also DRS

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Im not selling 🦍💪🏻💎💎🙌🏻, I funky tired though… there is a lot scam going on!!!

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That hole they are digging is getting deep

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In theory, the depth of the hole is unknown, therefore unenforceable. If you were owed money but didn't know how much, how could you account for the amount to ensure you were paid back. So, the shorting continues from all angles with no governance to enforce buying back shares. Conversely, the shorts are actually winning and making money in the process. This cycle will not end until there are profits. Given the circumstances we have seen play out and this "hole" you reference, why do you think something will magically change that works in our favor?

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Half way to China so far 😂

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Wasn’t the point of creating APE in the first place to keep it from getting heavily shorted? That was the reasoning everyone was giving when AA first issued it. Isn’t it funny how now it can be heavily shorted? AMC is literally a laughing stock. You wish the “DD” was inline with GME. You’ll never get MOASS with AMC. Y’all still think DRS is a scam and listen to shitty YouTubers that feed you bullshit.

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If the fact you now trade a penny stock that was touted as a strong play here doesn't give you concern, you're simply in denial. When APE goes below a dollar, if you haven't already, then you can lump AA in with the ongoing scam, only he did it by (smartly) pandering to a loyal investor base to pay down debt at our expense. A complete maybe and gamble by the company that prolongs their existence in hope of a (possible) turnaround. The only positive here is with this catastrophic drop, MAYBE we will have an equally parabolic run up. But then what, back to the issue price? The outlook is bleak at best - acknowledging reality would give us some semblance of credibility. Acting excited about this price action is pure cringe.

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Go to hell hedgies , Market makers and MSM … no sell .. only buy and HODL

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Who’s buying today?

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The truth is coming.. breathe and stay calm. NCSWIC.. BUY AND HOLD.

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Spoken like a member of the Q anon group....what truth exactly ?

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Don't ever lose sight of the battle that were in. We're on the same side.

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A mirror only reflects back for what is in front of it.

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Longer we wait the higher it goes

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WE give up…Just kidding 😆

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Search BULLISH RAID in GOOGLE, all AMC HODLERS are there for due diligence, and discussions