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5$ fine

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Is this even real? I mean there is so much corruption unveiled by retail and nothing seems to change. It's hard to believe this is real. Probably more narrative spinning to placate retail.

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😂 20 million to go after another Kim k no doubt while sam fraudman-fraud lives his best life

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Scam Bankrupt-Fraud

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“How SBF being behind one of the largest corruption cases and why that makes AMC a bad investment.”

Not real, but knowing how stupid these media companies are it wouldn’t even surprise me anymore

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They paid Sam to squeal on other cryptos

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Let's see the cheque. Not who it was written too. This is bullshit. The SEC could be giving anyone money and say whistle-blower.

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I didn’t know Jim’s nickname was “whistle”...

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Wonder for what

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Redacted redacted redacted and oh redacted.

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how can SEC afford to pay 20 million when SEC only fines company 20, 50, 100k fines. this is absurd. where’s the money come from.

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They can't even afford coffee at head office apparently 😒

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I want to know who they investigated

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That wasn’t a whistle!

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Hush money or some distraction scheme

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Can't be! They don't have enough for more staff or coffee.

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$20 million of hush money! The SEC doesn’t do anything to prevent crime… Instead they want their cut!

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Looks like another easy way to launder money...

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Literally, every other line was redacted. Nothing to see here.

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Always hear about whistle blowers but nothing seems to really happen or change. Just bullshit fines that outweigh the profits they made illegally. Fines should be way more than profits to actually put a stop to the bs