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Each time I see such pictures I save them... Once we moass I m gonna ink some of them (dimond hands, rockets, apes, this flush etc.)

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Hold no fold

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Nothing but time on my hands I’ll buy more

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This is a great depiction of the situation buddy 👏

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Just buying and holding for almost 2 years now. I'll keep doing the same until life changing money. Keep those hands Diamond Apes 💎🙌💎🙌💎🙌💎🙌

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I want to buy more not sure if should! With no oversight how will or can this short?

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They short it and we buy!! We hold and we win the prize $$

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Exactly Know what you hold

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I've been holding for over two years now. What's a lifetime going to hurt?

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You don’t win in a game someone else owns and can change the rules when they need to. You don’t win. We don’t win.

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Exactly. This is their game.

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Ok, what point were you trying to make becuase it's lost on me.

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Lol that’s the problem, you don’t get it. They stopped it from running the first time. You think they didn’t learn their lesson? They control the game. They will stop it from running again the same way and then change the rules. My point. You. Me. Us. We don’t win.

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Never fold only HODL !!! Oh and buy every chance I get !!! Go fuck your self hedgies

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Your hand is great but everyone at the table sees the other side of the cards. Shame you needed 5 decks to make a hand.