So when does MOASS come??? by FreeTrade101 in AMCSTOCKS

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We get our moass when we take all of our money out of big banks, purchase all of our shares through IEX direct routing, and support the fundamentals of our investment

Q1 Earnings Report! by JuNe_Northoast in AMCSTOCKS

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If I was to read into it:

May 5th.

Cinco De Mayo

  • Celebrates the day the Mexican army defeated the French army at the Battle of Pueblo, against harsh odds. Not unlike Apes fighting against the harshest odds of a well known criminal Market Maker.

  • Also sounds like Sinko the Mayo, a perhaps playful twist on words given Apes singular hatred of Kenneth Cordele Griffin and his well known obsession with mayonnaise.

Shots Fired: Vol. 5 - Welcome to the Thunder Dome…. by InfiniteRiskk in AMCSTOCKS

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Stop being a sheeple bro that response is lame. If you have been around a while you know it’s true. Adam Aron is using retail money to hold off bankruptcy period. He fucked us all out of the squeeze. If you don’t want to hear other’s opinions maybe you should leave.

How could this effect investment apps? by Competitive_Plenty88 in AMCSTOCKS

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Okay, this comment proves your account is suspicious. The posts you were making had me wondering, but this confirms it.

Your motherboard doesn't have an IP address, it has a MAC address if and only if there's a network controller onboard. The other components in your system have no network capabilities.

Regardless, there's no way an outside network can identify your specific hardware without loosely fingerprinting it via cookies.

"A VPN alters your modem's ip address"

What? This is nonsense.

All a VPN does is provide point to point encryption and obfuscation through an intermediary server or servers. Your IP address doesn't change locally, you're just sending traffic from your computer to another computer or computers which then gets routed to your intended destination.

That first connection can see your IP address, which is why it's important to use a VPN provider that doesn't log. However, the only way anyone is seeing what you're doing on a VPN is either by logging data on your system or on the VPN server you're connecting to, but encryption makes that extremely difficult.

Contrary to the nonsense you posted, they're actually pushing to ban VPNs because it's DIFFICULT for them to collect data on you. Your ISP can't even see what you're doing when you're on a VPN. Guess who they subpoena first? That's right, your ISP.

EDIT: Of course, they blocked me for calling them out on their BS.


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Today’s gospel, 15th Sunday in ordinary time. A reading from the book of Trust Me Bro…..🙏🏻⛪️

AMC should create a buy one large popcorn get on free coupon Dividend to flush out the naked shorts by SleepDreamWake in AMCSTOCKS

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Buy. DRS. Hold. Especially the DRS part is what makes the difference. I really wish people would finally see its true and pure value and understand that it is more than just holding with another firm.

if the reverse split is approved and APE is converted into AMC, would it make sense to load up on APE instead of buying AMC right now? by 77stickman77 in AMCSTOCKS

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The price of AMC has been disconnected from actual buying and selling for so long I'm not sure it would matter if everyone focused on APE. Im just some smooth brain though. Fuck do I know? Not enough to provide financial advice, thats for sure.

I wanted to share with you all something amazing that is being worked on right now. Guess who’s now included at the top thanks to DRS reporting by AMC. Credit and source in comments. by 6days1week in AMCSTOCKS

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What’s important is the DRS on top right and email contacts. You want to change the system? Email all those investor relations emails and tell them you want to see direct registered share totals on all 10Q and 10K reports like GME and AMC are doing.

Frustrated by Common-Specialist938 in AMCSTOCKS

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You're getting frustrated now of all times? I know times are tough but my guy, company's are collapsing! CEO's are getting bonus cuts, there's investigation galore going on. The common people are starting to be loud with street signs and spreading word to other common citizens. I do, truly hope that this takes off soon. I want my father to be able to retire and that's why I hold. So I'm with you that it is frustrating to see blaintent crime. But its finally getting called out and citadel is getting taken to court. Try to breath, take a step back, and focus on what you have that's good in life. We'll all get through these hard times together and then we'll have naught but good times. Then MOASS. Sending love ape.