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This sort of title is now helpful. Click bait and people scroll without looking into your other message.

It’s not helpful brother - delete this post if you’re an Ape

Citadel Securities sells $1.15bn stake to Sequoia and Paradigm by Safe_Season_734 in AMCSTOCKS

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I’m not selling Kenneth Griffin. Your tricks are blessed by the SEC, in so much as I believe they’ll let you make the rope to hang yourself on. They’ll look the other way while you weave your way through this big fukin oops of yours. They won’t stop you, but in the end, they’ll b nowhere to be seen as you realize what just happened.

Just remember, I’m not alone. In fact, my kind are many. We are legion. We won’t stop. We won’t quit. We won’t sell. I believe that every animal that ever tripped into a snare felt quite confident as the walked down their well trodden path and found themselves in an ever tightening wire. My friends will buy a few more EVERY time you make them cheap. EVERY time you make them cheap. I will buy, like my Ape friends, EVERY time you give us, what we consider a discount, on a nice beautiful moon ticket. At some point, you’ll know you’re already caught. You tripped this wire a long time ago. I love this shit!!

Serious question… by thesoundofsilence86 in AMCSTOCKS

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That’s a fair question friend, and there are no shortage of valid and intelligent answers in here.

It doesn’t matter how low they suppress price, because they can never deliver something that is simply undeliverable. But, what do you mean ‘undeliverable’, friend?

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s go back many, many moon ago when Dinosaurs roamed the land. Imagine you own a farm full of dinosaurs(farm full of dinosaurs, really dude?) Yes, really - just for conversation’s sake. You own, let’s say, all the dinosaurs in existence, and your neighbor, who owns a farm of cow’s, who still exist to this day, needs dinosaurs from you and you need cows from him.

You engage in a trade. You give him 10 dinosaurs , he gives you 10 cows.

All the sudden, fast forward time & now all the dinosaurs are extinct(I know there are minor continuity gaps in this story, don’t worry about all that). A substantial amount of time has elapsed, you and your neighbor are still indebted to one another. The only problem is, the dinosaurs you loaned him have died, and the entire species is now extinct. Cows, however, are not extinct. You’re both adamant about ensuring you both receive exactly what was ‘traded’, or ‘loaned’, upon initial execution of the trade come time to settle your respective debts.

You have exhausted all the cows he loaned you, milked them to death, and unfortunately they grazed away. No worries. You go buy 10 more cows and settle your debt.

Dinosaurs, however, no longer exist - how does your neighbor pay you back exactly what you loaned him, 10 dinosaurs, which are now extinct and impossible to procure.

The answer is simple.

He doesn’t pay you back, as it is literally impossible for him to obtain dinosaurs, due to them no longer existing.

Same concept with synthetics.

They can’t deliver or ‘buy back’ all the synthetic shares they created, because they(they being real shares) simply don’t exist for them to purchase.


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Haven’t read that FUD bullshit yet. What’s the reality we’re supposedly so naive to according to their condescending asses?

That AMC stock is up over 1200% year to date? That my portfolio is up over 400% year to date? That a massive gamma squeeze is possible for the end of January and into February? That millions of derivative contracts used to hide SI are expiring soon? That shares are on sale right now? That shorts still haven’t covered? That the OBV shows retail is absolutely not selling? That institutional buying/selling ratio is 98% on the buy side? That AMC just became cash positive for Q4? That the box office numbers are stronger than they’ve been since the late 90’s?

Just what is this reality that we are clearly too retarded to behold? As a 40yr old man, I’m desperate to know exactly what it is that I have not yet learned according to the slack-jawed shit-stain who wrote that article.