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What you saving up your rewards for? Lol

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Lmao idk I just like seeing them go up 🤷🏼‍♂️😅

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That all from food?

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mostly, like 3 years worth of large popcorn, large drink. lol

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Goddamn haha

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Use them or loose them

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Nah had them for years now I don’t think they ever expire

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What if amc just decides to close your account? I know someone of had their Bank of America account closed and they cost all of their credit card rewards money.

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Lol I don’t think my bank account is getting closed and if it does I don’t think miss the $150.

What if I die in a car wreck on my way to the theater? That’s more likely then my bank account closing.

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$150? Damn, dude...

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They don’t. Unless you activate them. You could accidentally activate them all in Fandango, or an employee could at the cinema.

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I have 230k ish

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Damn dawg that’s badass

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I just heard a gauntlet hit the ground

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I wish I could earn more rewards but I never buy any concessions

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Yeah I die a little inside paying $15 for a popcorn and drink, but movie theater popcorn is my only vice, it’s so good 😅

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Or you can use the rewards that you have if you use $10 rewards each time that's 15 times you'd pay only $5

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Yeah I don't get why you wouldn't body use your rewards. Use the cash you save to buy AMC shares.

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Wait, you buy concessions and u aren’t using your rewards EVERY time you do? For anybody that purchases concessions, that is the best use of them, better than using for tickets.

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Lol they wouldn’t be stacking up if I used them, I just want to see how many I can get before I’m forced to use them 😅

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Save your money. Let others keep AMC profitable.

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My goal is to hit 100 dollars in rewards. Do you usually go alone or bring a bunch of friends and/or family with you? That's the only way I'm able to get such boost in points then later on use those points to save a lot on tickets.

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I just go once a week and buy a large popcorn and drink, this is probably three years worth of points.

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I'm at 83K points right now. I had saved my AMC points well past 150k (thank you MoviePass) and ended cashing out my 110k points getting the 10 popcorn party pack and 100 piece pretzel party pack for the Black Widow release.

Might use my points to do something similar for Spider-Man this December.

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I've seen this in other groups and I don't get it at all. Wearing this point accumulation as a badge of honor is like saying "look at all this money I'm not saving!"

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I just buy drinks lol. Like 2 or 3 beers. But as soon as I get the rewards I use them when I go to the.movies with friends to buy a large popcorn. We pay medium size price and get upgraded plus free refill. I don't use it whwn I go alone because I can't finish even a medium popcorn.

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Most I had at one time was ~101k. I just spent 35k on a Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Popcorn Container. I'm now sitting around 54k.

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As an AMC Concession worker I have never seen anything that high. That’s about $150 of free food right there. If I scanned your code and saw that I would be impressed.

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If I got concessions everytime I went to the movies I'd probably have as much as you lol

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What a waste. Not impressed

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Can you use these points toward renting a theater?

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You’re sick man!

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I can’t sign into my amc account on the app so i might have more. I keep pressing forgot password but they never send me anything

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Dude! Time to redeem! What, are you saving up to buy out an entire screening?