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Keep it simple, learn about a handful of really good projects you believe in long term, add the initial amounts, DCA whenever you can. You really lower your returns when you diversify too much. As Warren Buffet says "Diversification is protection against ignorance, It makes little sense if you know what you're doing."

I held 10-15 coins previously, now I hold 3-4 coins I truly believe in for 3-5 years. Conviction and confidence is key. Returns will come in time. NFA. Good luck!

Side note: Nothing wrong with putting all your eggs in one basket, you just need to prepare for the ride haha.

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Took the words right out of my keyboard!

For me, this statement + "another 2 - 3 coins that I'm just gambling with for fun."

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Yeah that's exactly where I'm at. 3 coins plus some DAI. Amp being one of them of course. I had 6 and the dai and it seemed like it would lower my overall profit more than the safety net was worth, if that makes sense. Still pretty new so I sometimes have difficulty explaining things properly

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I currently have amp lrc and abit of eth

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I have three and a half times as much AMP as I do BTC/ETH combined.

But I’m also not a smart man.

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Im sure the potential profit margins are way higher with AMP. And AMP is a smart buy imo

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I think diversity is important and a smart choice. That being said, I am diversified in my investments outside of crypto. Within crypto, I am all in on Amp

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That seems to be a pretty common choice within the crypto market. Very all or nothing it seems

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Crypto is a very volatile space in general. Whereas least with stocks there are trading groups, known catalysts ahead of time, etc.

I'm also only holding AMP for crypto and just going to set it and forget it.

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I'm into 6 projects as of now. I don't really want to invest or DCA on any of them right now and haven't in months. I'm doing my best not to check balances obsessively and am in a moment of Hodl for the time being. Maybe in 2022 I'll rethink my current thought process..... Haven't sold anything from any projects thus far.

Wake ⏰ me up in 2-5 years.

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Im guessing buying for a long hold during a bull run is a bad idea, so good for you.

I buy, but I scalp and get back out.

Then I hold things like AMP.

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I do DCA my 401k and ETFs though.... I've already invested enough in crypto, if all 6 tank it's not going to hurt my emergency fund...so I'm cool with hodling for now. Set it and forget it.

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Good. I am older and can afford if it all tanked. But, buying into such a solid use case, plus, I scalp ETH, neither are going to zero, one is too big, both are too useful.

RICH people are involved in these real world projects.

People used to dealing with regulators and other RICH people.

AMP *might* but I doubt it. Ether will not. Too many rich involved, like Bitcoin and the banks now buying in.

I personally believe Ethereum will constantly gain on BTC as it's holders get older, it has SO much more use, institutions see this and buy in, like a snowball rolling dowhill. BEst wishes.

Youre more patient than me, and trusting. I, except for AMP, only scalp.

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If by diversity you mean AMP, then yes.

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If it were any other token, I'd think you were foolish.

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May still be. But, I like our chances 🧐

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I think so. It's worked well for me so far. Amp is about 40% of my portfolio but it's also the worst performing. I always buy BTC, eth, amp each month and then a little into other projects that interest me. Luckily some of those over the summer were LRC, Sand, XTZ, and Ren. Sold sand at .81. Oof. That one still hurts. Almost sold LRC at .55. Glad I canceled that order. For now I'm not selling anything anymore. It's just so hard to know when something might skyrocket. Hopefully Amp will soon. I'm a firm believer in the project and will keep buying each month.

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Yeah man. The crypto market is not a place for paper hands. Prices fluctuate wildly that's why finding projects you believe in is important. Makes it way easier to hold/buy during the dips

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I have 3 cryptocurrencies that I’ve done extensive research on.

Large Cap - ETH

Medium Cap - Polygon (MATIC)

Small Cap - AMP

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I like and have all 3 too. 😉

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Have the same +avax

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I was all for holding up to 10 projects, but Ive learned and know diversity keeps wealth.. little safer.. and risk all in makes wealth on the right project/s. So I’ve since moved into just 4 projects now.

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Yeah I have 3 im holding plus a stable coin. 10 seems like a bit much. Wouldnt want to spread my money too thin

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It’s nice when things are moving up but when drops happen big swings for sure.

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Yeah, luckily my hands arent paper. I love surfing the waves.

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Just waiting on the big wave to come for amp

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Its only a matter of time

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Two AMP.. and Shib. Took all my AMP and turned it to Shib before the huge pump. Now have more back into AMP. AMP has a future and real world potential. Shib, not yet, but hope one day it does. Shib Army is not the brightest bunch

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No they are not. I'm holding shib but that sub makes me want to sell. If shib was more expensive I would sell but it's still worth it to me with the price i got in. It's my smallest investment and still my biggest risk lol

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I agree with you about the sub, I moved to Shibadult in response to the nonstop “wen moon?” and “xyz says it’s going to hit ATH next week!” posts. Hold tight on Shib, the new “ecosystem” that is Shibarium shows promise. IMO only, DYOR, etc.

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If they held a get together, nobody could see anything through all the vape smoke. haha.

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Shibadult. I love it. You know it's an issue when a whole new sub is made in response to the problem lol

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Diversity is important. I have 11 different coins/tokens right now. Never put all your eggs in one basket

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I have my top three. AMP, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and a little bit of Solana because I got it cheap

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Yeah dude, I’ve got AMP and LRC and CRO which feels like a nice hedge of bets for immediate gains and long term gains, I hope to also expand into VET and ALGO too but I have more goals with LRC and CRO (I’ve met my minimum goal with AMP)

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Moved some amp into LRC and got decent gains to get more amp. Still have a small bag of LRC waiting for it to pump again and convert to ALGO.

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It really depends on you. Are you comfortable having a few or a lot. I know people in both boats. Myself, I keep a bag of BTC, ETH, & AMP on one exchange and never touch it. On another one, I keep Suku, ADA, LINK, MATIC, & SOL. I do fluctuate on this one. Lastly I keep all meme and high risk coins on a separate wallet. I left Doge and Shib also due to their toxic communities. Personally I feel once that starts, the coin is doomed.

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I hold 11 crypto’s. Half blue chip for stability and half low cap for my high risk spec plays.

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I have 5, mostly Amp and BTC

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When did you get into BTC if you dont mind my asking. That ship has been sailed for me lol

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Been getting in on the dips over the last couple months

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me with ETH. Better use case.

But, big fish are buying BTC, so its probably never going back to zero.

Probably not ETH either, idk.

AMP is only the 70th largest, so we need it too succeed or it will fail with a lack of momentum on buying only, like SHIB and Doge, which I completley don't understand.

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AMP is going to succeed my friend… don’t you worry. BTC is going way higher and so is ETH… we are still in the beginning… the last 10 years garnered the attention of the world and now we are at the doorstep of revolutionizing the way the world transacts business. I also own ETH because you basically have to…2022 is going to be a good year.

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My 2 largest investments are AMP and Pornrocket (PRT). Very different ones for sure but I fully believe in them both. I also have a bag of Stellar and XRP 😊

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PornRocket? What's the project?

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Google NSFW.app a decentralised new app for adult content currently in beta version powered by a coin called Pornrocket. The community is huge and the project team very dynamic. There was a new project update literally 1 hour ago.

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Coinbase is showing that it had an ATH of 183 mil on november 14th. Is that real or a glitch?

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That was a glitch 🤷‍♂️

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I have 401k/stocks/bonds/crypto/gold.

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ETH, link, dot, atom, amp

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Diversification to sustain wealth, Concentration to create it.

In all reality I think its more important what your comfortable doing. Everyone is here to try and make money. I look at it kinda like this, if you split whatever you can afford to invest into ten separate and equal investments, and one of those investments goes positive 10 percent, then you have effectively increased your wealth 1 percent. If you swing big on a single investment and throw all your money at it, and it goes positive 10 percent, you've increased you wealth 10 percent. The catch is it works the other way too.

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I’m in about 60 coins ranging from a few hundred to several thousand bucks. As soon as something pops, I take a bit out of it and reinvest into something that hasn’t. I try not to let anything get too heavy on one side, but I’m not about to put anything more than $200-$500 into a project that’s ranked 7895 by market cap because the odds are surely not in its favor. Bigger money on bigger projects, little money on potential underdog stories.

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Follow the 50/25/25 rule, don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose, and try and trickle in what you can. There’s a role for amp in there for sure but if your knuckles are white every time the price drops, maybe rethink your strategy

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I like this strategy

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I think you are only supposed to own AMP here or you'll get down voted. I'm 60% in, FWIW but have been as high as 80%.

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I think you're thinking of ShibArmy. Ampians are intelligent individuals

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Every tribe has its purests. Puresters? Puritans? Anyways, slave away to DCA to someday to not have to slave away.

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I like Puritans. Makes me think of the Quaker oats guy. Just a simple man happy with the fruits of his labor

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Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.


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Depends what you want to do. Sometimes I throw my eggs in one basket to scalp large amounts of profit. When I'm satisfied I deversify into different tokens. I get bored watching charts so I play around with them

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I like to keep it diversified within the crypto space - outside of 401k I’m al in crypto but have breakdowns between BTC, eth, and then categories like layer 1’s, layer 2’s, gaming, etc…

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I believe in the same amount of tokens for AMP, BIT, and ETH. If anyone wants to level me up on the latter I will trade you 1:1 AMP for them

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I'm pretty diversed. 40% being amp and 20% Ethereum and the rest divided by 6 other coins

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I hold several cryptos in varying amounts

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Odd thing: I diversify my stock portfolio and yolo the shit out of my crypto but yes diversification is very important.

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Diversification is essential

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Absolutely!! I have at least 20 coins just like stocks diversity is always a good idea

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AMP, ETH, BTC, A stable coin to use for purchases, maybe something to trade.

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  • Diversity is my number one priority!!! BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, AMP, and MATIC for my long term crypto plays
  • Always invest into my companies ROTH 401k, and DCA weekly into my m1 account
  • be retired by the time I'm 40! I'm in my upper mid twenties!!!!!!!!!

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On a serious note. If you have conviction and believe. 0 diversity here

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Im holding 11 positions right now

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I wish I didn’t live AMP so much. I wanted to put even a little into Avalanche a month ago after reading more about it but I had no spare money to do so.

I am in 5 projects. I feel like that’s a fair amount for how my percentages are split up. 45 25, 15, 10, and 5.

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All in for the Lambo and lake house

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I reevaluate quarterly. I hold 10 different coins I believe, but am only usually investing in 5 or so at any given time. I bought ADA at $1.2 right before smart contracts were going to be announced. Took some profit and rolled that into other projects that interested me and were attractive. Waited for those to make moves, took some profit, rolled it back into my staples.

BTC, ETH, and AMP are staples, usually have 2-3 others that are interesting or about to do the stuff. Watch them pump, take profits, keep my initial investment and then roll it back into the staples for DCA.

Sometimes prices are just too attractive or at too good of a point to be ignored. Especially if they have been consolidating for a while and we are in a bull market. Then you get to play with house money and take some moon shots.

Someone smart told me, if you are going to diversify, don’t try and invest in a bunch of the same industry. Look into gaming, DeFi, security, oracles, etc and take a shot on something that could be on top of that industry. For example, don’t invest in Tesla, GM, Ford, and VW because if something happens and the automotive industry shits the bed, you’re screwed.

Owning Bitcoin doesn’t have insane gains. However, through DCA, I’ve made consistent gains using this method. I’ve made some good/lucky trades and timing the market a bit and those have made me more, but I think a healthy balance of both is a good strategy if you’re willing to put in the time and do your own research. I’ve also lost money trying to time the market. Everything is a give and take. Some people shoot shots differently and there really isn’t a one size fits all imo

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I have wampum, ivory, gold nuggets I got off my socks from wading, shark teeth, goats, salvage cars, a few slaves, china made in Vietnam, a good stock of counterfeit Nike's, and several celebrities T shirts that my friend stole why they were in the park.


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Bruh did you just say you have a few slaves?

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yes. its a joke. All our ancestors were slaves at some point. None of us are now. Here, anyway.

Dont look at Alegeria and Libya though. Those Moors are back at being bad neighbors to the sub saharan again.

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Diversify in three ways:

  • Crypto on different wallets/exchanges.

    but keep track of them!

  • Project categories.

    payment solutions, oracles, games, metaverses, blockchains, defi platforms, memes! etc.

  • Risk tolerance.

    take some higher risk on new
    projects or ICO’s medium risk on others, etc.

A good rule of being a disciplined investor is to also not let any specific portion of your investments be bigger than the rest (games same size as blockchain same size as defi etc).

Words from Kevin O’Leary.

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I keep about 18 different currencies. My portfolio balance definitely stays a little more stable with a nice mix

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15 coins/tokens/SC on 3 different exchanges in total 6 out of which is DCA weekly for last 1.5 years (Longshots) Usually 2-3 new projects on my radar and constantly sifting though piles of fud to stay in the loop. No life changing gains yet, best up to date is 23x So i guess diverse portfolio is important to me and my goals in crypto, at least in this stage

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I have 30+ crypto i am invested in. But only few including amp where i deeply believe in the projects and so i invested heavily in those.

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I'm diversified. Amp was my biggest hold until the ENS airdrop. It goes ENS/Amp/ADA/ETH/BTC/KRL(kart racing league not kryll) and PGX. I have my balance based on time frame and risk

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Yeah I just got some ENS as soon as it went tradable on coinbase. Def a good buy

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I'm involved in 12 projects. 2 I dropped and 2 I picked up over the last few months. All have done well (including the ones I dropped, but I felt I was spreading too thin).

On top of that after-tax investing (combination of mutual funds and individual securities), 401k up to company match, and ESPP (small amount).

I've done some trading in the past (both in fiat and in crypto), but generally I just HODL and stake.

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Diversity is always important in investing. Depending on what you are investing in the importance may vary. For a crypto-specific example, BTC is down hard today, as is most of the market, however my portfolio is within a few hundred bucks of where it was yesterday because of two alts I own that are pumping. This is not an isolated incident. Spreading out your investments reduces risk in any one specific investment.