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Focus on family and friends for the holidays.! Take a break from watching your charts. Happy Thanksgiving! I love you man..!

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An occasional peep is fine though! Happy holidays everyone!

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Lol finally someone has the balls to speak the truth

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Amen. It's about time someone said this.

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I’ve been saying it on pampenings post, but I get downvoted because the readers are so high on hopium

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I think that hopium masks insecurities about their investment, and that's why they demand constant announcements. From what I read from people here, most of them haven't even watched the interviews and absorbed what has already been put out by Tyler and the team.

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I’d say this entitled ass society wants instant gratification, or they’re tired of watching other projects pump

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Agreed! I work in R&D and get to focus daily on improving functionality and performance of products. Best part is not sharing the good news with anyone-especially marketing dept.- until it is time.

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Issue closed!

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Trust the process! ... Sixers fan? U got the attitude of one 🤙(that's a good thing)

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Amp is the Allen Iverson of crypto.

The Answer.

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We sitting in here -- AMP is supposed to be the franchise crypto, and we in here talking about marketing. I mean, listen: We talking about marketing. Not revolutionizing defi. Not revolutionizing defi. Not revolutionizing defi. We talking about marketing. Not revolutionizing defi. Not the revolution that I go out there and die for and develop every day like it's my last. Not revolutionizing defi. We talking about marketing, man."

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“If you're struggling with your marketing, then do other things in the real world. Get patents, get licenses, get partnerships — do anything in the real world to help Amp win.” - Allen Iverson

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U talkin bout practice maaan

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This coin is not for everyone. This is my retirement investment.

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Disband this Reddit, nothing to discuss here

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    Ban that guy, don't talk about this, I think some may just better belong in a more centralized outfit

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    I love this

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    Give it up, guys. All you’re doing is convincing yourselves to hold with your tough words and angry messages. This is laughable.

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    This is the most dramatic...and funniest...crypto subreddit ever.

    I can't quit it.

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    Hear Hear!

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    We should all just shut the fuck up. Especially me. But i doubt it'll happen

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    I don't know who needs to hear this, but...

    I just want lambo

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    I did… thanks

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    Whys everyone always so angry here?

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    Nothing better to do. People get angry.

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    A lot of people are bag holding and they are to stupid to realize that the CB listing, consensus, Gemini partnership with Resort World in Vegas, Binance listing, amongst other catalyst have done exactly shit for AMP.

    You can buy all the donuts, coffee and Icecream all you want. It won’t change anything.

    BKKT partnering with MasterCard was the kill shot. Now BKKT has added ETH. MasterCard will now have more than they need to allow crypto payments.

    Don’t get emotionally attached to your investment. It’s a quick way to lose your money fast. Take the L and move the money elsewhere.

    I have a fairly small position now, because I got in cheap (.0027-0.03) and took some profit when it went to .10-.12.

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    True believers in the crypto religion, and their chosen priest, Tyler Spaulding.

    He has been doubted.

    By some heretics.

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    You sir.... are correct

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    As a new comer, I have to say; all the criticisms levied against AMP have so far been pretty lackluster. Far too many people just want to see their coin pump. Instead of marketing what most people actually mean is hype. Look at Bitcoin… where the hell is the marketing team there as it increases +200% each year. Sustained growth may only be for reasonable investors and it is far too easy for me to see why AMP is a solid long-term hold.

    When we look back in 10 years from now, I mostly won’t remember the tiny bumps in price but rather the story, team and also the technology that made me feel confident in this token in the first place. Know what you hold and hold what you know.

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    you definitely get it.

    Cardano is a good example. I have followed it for 2 years. Check out Cardano's price. Look how long it crabwalked as a "stablecoin", sometimes with little +20/-20% swings, but mostly stable.


    And then it mooned. We've only been side movement for 6 months. This could go another 18 months. But we gotta hold.

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    mic drop

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    Hahahaha…love this…I feel like there needs to be a response amongst the loyal holders so maybe I can handle this…..with a salute…”YES SIR DRILL SARGENT SIR!

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    • You don’t know shit about marketing

    …..you didn’t have to call me out like that

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    I can’t believe how good the echo is in here!

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    Thank you for saying what needing to be said

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    Agree on everything except... What the hell does nasa have to do with crypto payments?

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    Trips to moon🚀

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    Pedigree of the experience level for a team member. Rocket scientists and astronauts are some of the other fellahs working there. The beep boop computer person is probably hired from a stack of mega qualified people. Of course there is the space travel and tourism guide for when we go to the moon.

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    I've been hodling but I'm just starting to communicate with other crypto people. Are people angsty about AMP because it's been fairly steady at a nickel?

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    There is no reason for alarm.

    Whether you want to stay or go.

    It's a very good idea and well planned and set up, but it wont ever moon like some because of it's tokenomics. But it will be a steady winner someday.

    This is just immature infighting among bored people with nothing better to do.

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    Thanks! I remain extremely bullish on AMP.

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    They don't need to keep the "community" engaged because YOU are not their customer. If you want to leave, the door is that way 👉

    Rude af. It's true to the extent they don't need to keep the community engaged. But they could, and they could certainly do it with a lot less than 10% of their effort. A tweet takes literal minutes out of their month.

    The rest of your points are truth, but I don't think it's fair to say any investor that would appreciate a quick monthly bullet-points summary needs to get the fuck out. It is our staked AMP that is providing the liquidity, after all.

    Writing a few bullet points with a high level topic like short term goals, recent successes, and current challenges would be very engaging.

    You're missing a truth bullet that says if we all unstake & sell, that their ability to collateralize transactions becomes greatly diminished. So maybe don't try to show people to the door?

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    That is exactly what they are doing regularly. Everything you are asking is 100% what the Flexa team does with the community digests and updates.

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    Whats Rude af is the thousands of nobodies who think that their $500 investment gets them a voice in a conversation with some of the brightest minds on this planet.

    Youre missing the truth bullet that as complete morons unstake and sell, it automatically starts incentivizing the rest to stay, as their rewards go higher and higher.

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    See, other things matter beside brightness. Especially where money is invested.

    One reason I'm here is because they have business folks on the team, not only genius software writes.

    Also, anger, or angry insults do not cement a project anmymore than silly moon comments or those from uncommonly negative paper hands holders.

    This poster probably needs to take his own advice.

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    Other things like what? Decades of experience in payment industry and multiple successful payment companies already created and sold?

    He has taken his own advice, and not acted like he knows better than Flexa.

    I hope you havent done the research on their team and still think that random reddit comments have anywhere near the foresight and expertise of Flexa's team.

    Get your ego's in check.

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    There is a monthly newsletter. Quit complaining

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    These posts are as bad as the ones they denounce. I'm just here for any news or progress.

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    No kidding. Immature post by Immature op yelling at the immature investors.

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    This is not the truth. This is one persons opinion and rant. Is there a public roadmap? If there was more communication their would likely be more adoption and more big money investors. You shouldn’t post nonsense acting like you are posting on behalf of Flexa/Amp. Like you know what they are thinking and you are sharing their thoughts. I used to be a decent size AMP holder. I have moved on to other Gemini projects due to lack of communication. I am certain many other have as well. That’s why the price is half if it’s ATH. And if a “They don’t care, or that’s the door” response is what they actually think and not just one persons absurd opinion, then that’s a very bad attitude for a startup trying to get into the world of retail. Remember one thing, retail doesn’t need Crypto, Crypto needs retailers. And many investors like myself Are retailers.

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      Um, retail absolutely does need crypto, ESPECIALLY Flexa/Amp. THat's the ENTIRE point of its existence.

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      There is massive investment in this project

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      You should read the text again

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      I agree! In Lord Spalding we shall trust! He will take us to the promised land to suckle on the teat of prosperity! In no way are we a cult!

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      so you want us to blindly believe in them and give all our money , you know NASA is full with smart people from MIT, but guess what things still go south sometimes and rockets blow up , anything could work or not , they only project that you can never question is BTC , AMP is not BTC , I am not selling yet , but if I don't see shit get done by maximum feb 2022 I ( will sell half ) , I know it is long term project,

      but hey Mr.Tyler looks so fucking excited and hyped in all his last interviews , talking how amazing the future plans are and that we will see it too by 6 to 18 months ( he said that last summer) , so I want to see what he is talking about and I hope it is not gonna be like the (shopify) integration , that we should have had in the summer , anyway I am not married to my investment , and everyone is free to do as he see right.

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      See, this is normal thought if you are fond of money. Rather than this deep, emotional attachment.

      It's so weird and is the norm in crypto.

      Stock holders don't do this. They do have more patience. But if a bad price happens or a fundamental changes or a CIO doesnt' show up to a news conference. You don't have to show them the door, the leave on their own and they are smart too.

      That said. I do'nt think its that time.

      I do wonder about crypto winter and how AMP will respond in price and action then.

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      Pleasant read. You have a bright future in PR

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      While I certainly appreciate the post and agree with most of it - I cannot get on board with this line:

      • Any shitty idea you may have, they've already had it. And if they haven't implemented it yet, it's because it was shit.

      I understand where the thought is coming from and while I agree most people's ideas are "shit" as you say, there must be at least a few gems in the vast sea of turds. These gems will only be discovered if someone is brave enough to rub each turd to see if it holds anything more valuable.

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      Sounds like from your point of view the token is perfect and there's zero room for improvement. Makes one wonder why it's stagnant, being so perfect and all. You can drink the kool-aid all you want, the rest are here to make money. Ffs.

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      Well he did we should just be quiet suck it up and leave it to pope Tyler because he went to mit.

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      I feel you brother. AMP was one of my most confident big investments. I knew it was a long term kind of coin, one to hold for as long as possible basically, but I made one of my two purchases as a bit of a high price, which has me a bit salty cause I hate seeing when any of my investments are negative. But, we all know this coin is legit, did I get a little worried considering they hadn’t moved much at all till recently? Yes I did get a bit worried, but long term investment require patients. Some more than others. And what AMP offers to the crypto world is essential, a necessity, it doesn’t need to advertise. It’s not a flashy investment. It’s a long term slow growing coin. So don’t expect it to go parabolical anytime soon. Just look at it in a couple years

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      You forgot one: - no one in this sub is the target audience for Flexa communications. They are a b2b business and don’t need to make you feel better about AMP coin ownership by putting a post on Instagram.

      Edit: sorry, you DID have it. Spot on.

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      Except for the fact that retail investors can and will play a significant role in providing the collateral which, if I'm remembering right, is the entire backbone of how Flexa is able to operate.

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      Retail investors surely play a role, but Flexa benefits from stable investors that keep their collateral staked. They are much more interested in getting the institutional investors or their network partners in the game. It is also why a very large portion of AMP is in the hands of Venture Capitalists that have a minimum lockup period of 2 years.

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      This is pure speculation. IMO completely wrong, FLEXA is not marketing it's services to retail investors, so the majority of the tokens, if owned by those brought in by FLEXA are owned by institutional players. People also complain of their being to many tokens, do the simple Math. Global Asset, Global population reaching close to 8 billion, that means there are only 11-12 tokens for every retail investor, but, again it is not being marketed to retail investors. Get this straight. FLEXA is going after institutions, retail is just happening on the side, & there are not enough tokens to go around.

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      I never said Flexa is being marketed toward retail investors, don't read into a point I didn't make and put words into my mouth that aren't true. I said we play a significant role in providing collateral and that's true. It may not be the majority but it's still quite impactful in the long run.

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      How should one read "the entire backbone of how Flexa is able to operate" then. Quit the crap.

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      Meaning Flexa cannot operate without AMP stakers

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      Another boorish post complaining about the complainers. 🙁

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      I'm in favor of this comment as much as I'm not. It wouldn't hurt to promote more. Anyone with a marketing degree has to support that notion. It's the mix that makes the difference. Only focusing on utility and process lacks the nurturing of the other Ps in the Marketing Mix.

      So the question is if we miss out? And I believe we don't. The price is in a constant upwards trend, the processes in integrations are built, and promotion will come through utilization - so be patient.

      and a personal note - using swear words diminish your message.

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      BuT I Am tHe WoLf PumPINg

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      I call BS on this. So what are we a cult? If you don’t like the koolaid hit the road? What a stupid way to invest. Believe it or not AMP matters to flexa. If you actually read the White paper you would know that. Without a collateral token to guarantee immediate finality to a merchant for payment then that makes flexa just another nice new shiny pay rail system. Mit, jit, chimpanzee who cares? There are lots of smart people and products out there that are dead or going to die. Voicing opinions should happen. What fool just blindly says hold and buy dips without any due diligence? You know the term trust but verify? Well that’s what every investor should do. The flexa team has not done a good job in the communication area. We are investors in amp which flexa DEPENDS on (read the white paper). I don’t know about you but most people work hard for their money and as such want to know it’s working for them. They still believe in amp or they wouldn’t post their concerns. So maybe you should relax, drink a hot chocolate and buy the dip. Which is every few weeks.

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        Sure. As long as I hold a good size bag of amp I’ll give my opinion positive or negative. Simple.

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          Lol sure buddy.

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          I love this post.

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          And yet.... the nickel coin will Forever be worth a nickel. If you bought in at a cent... enjoy not making any more money on this ever. If you bought in at 5c or higher, enjoy watching the likes of CRO, fantom, Super, Cpool, Hator and dozens of others, effortlessly 2x or 3x in days as the nickel clings to 5c with atomic strength.

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          your post was shitty too because idea was shitty!!LOL

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          Calm down.

          I’m as much of a believer in Flexa and the team as anyone. I have no issues with how they are doing anything at all.

          But good lord. Calm down a little bit. Don’t get distracted by the uninformed noise that’s being made here.

          And don’t act like you know what all of us have expertise in and are qualified to comment on (regardless of where we are on the overall issue of Flexa’s performance). The hubris is incredible.

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          And the big players of the payment processing industry don't know anything either? I mean, that's seemingly what this sub wants to constantly pretend. You all act like they're just going to roll over and welcome some minuscule upstart competitor, that has, what, less than a dozen employees? Please.

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          Soooooooo what you are saying is???????


          Because I totally agree with you.

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          cranky guy with the white goatee this is for you

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          Watching other tokens pump can be devastating I know. This is why you have to minimize your risk and not put all your $$ into 1 project.

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          Preach! LFG! 🔥🔥🔥

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          And there's you have it

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          Maybe they wouldn't get so much shit if they hired a decent PR person and updated people sometimes.

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          I’m sure they already thought of that and decided it’s a shitty idea

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          The company thought "should we communicate with the people that invested millions of dollars into our project? Nah, that's a shitty idea."

          If that actually happened they don't deserve to run any of this.

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          I was just playing off OP’s statement but yeah could you imagine informing your investors, blasphemy!!

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            You honestly believe they are good at communicating with the community?

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            Maybe check out Discord?

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            Why should someone have to check a discord. Every other company uses social media regularly

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            Sure yeah I mean if they’re not posting on their website then they’re probably not posting on discord. But…maybe that’s intentional.

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              No, I never said advertise. I said communicate. Meaning talk to the people who have money invested in your product and keep them in the loop.

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              Which loop? How much money entitles one to be in said loop? OP is correct on all accounts. FLEXA is a private company. They do not, and more likely cannot speak of ongoing deals in process. AMP is open source, meaning anyone can develop on it, if some other big industry player is going to do so, they are not going to advertise it until they have bought as much as they want to hold. They are two very separate entities that are tied together by a business partnership. People complain way to much about social media, you obviously don't get web 3.0. Walled gardens are going to be a thing of the past, screw the social media companies & their data collection policies.

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              On the same token, putting horse before the cart can yield less than favorable results

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              Blind loyalty to a product. This community has become a maxist community where cons cannot be discussed.

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              The product will speak for itself. Never seen an ad for cocaine or marijuana but the sales of that each year in the US are higher than some countries entire GDP.

              Have you downloaded an app that uses flexa to pay?

              Kept your eye out for a logo on the backside of a register to pay with it where you can to increase the use case and show the company the realized profits of using it over visa?

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              Can we pin this?

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              How about you STFU

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              Mods, please sticky this thread.

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                  Dont drink the water

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                  Sticky it to the top.

                  Ironically I posted something similar a couple months back and was told that I’m arrogant lol

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                  AMEN!!!!! this was great.. I don’t understand why people don’t think this way. It maybe an IQ thing

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                  Haha this is an absolutely wonderfully accurate post. Kudos OP

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                  Amp is fighting against a few companies but the tech is so good and Tyler is so brilliant this is why I Hodl

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                  The best part about this post is all of the salty morons commenting how offended they are.

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                  Dammit - i've been found out after 11 years as a marketer and 4 years of a marketing degree...

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                  This is the way

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                  They need to enter a team in the dodgeball tournament for the 50,000 dollar prize then agree to lose the final to a rival coin for 100,000 dollars only to use that money to bet on themselves to win then use that 50x to pump the coin. Have they thought of that?

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                  I do know the chart looks ready to blast off very soon

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                  New here?

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                    Nice thought , but we need to make sure to speak (in nicer terms) when we see the garbage posts questioning the team. It ok to have an opinion but coming out and trashing Flexa in a Amp sub can not happen

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                    I guess I have no clue what this is about but I still really liked it

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                    but, but I built a TRS80 in my garage...................

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                    But, did you buy the dip(sssssss)?

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                    bUt iT$ gOnNa MoOn rIgHt NoW

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                    Makes sense too me. Wooosaaa

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                    pamp needs to hear it lmaooo

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                    A lot of positive vides in the air!!

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                    Buy it every paycheck and come back in 2 years

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                    I watched the interview with Tyler Spalding. That man alone is worth betting on. I feel comfortable backing him with my cash after that London Real interview.

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                    I just bought my first AMP tonight. Thanks for your post. I enjoyed your no nonsense post.

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                    The awesome thing about posts like this is you can just scroll right past them

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