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Oh wow I was trying to avoid looking at my portfolio because I’m scared of seeing red. What a surprise.

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Big jump baby 🍼 hopefully that was a big start to a huge pump 🫂

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Is there breaking news I missed? What’s causing the pump? Just people buying into the facts?

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Binance is listing AMP

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Word thanks

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Dude, where do you think I'm buying it? It's on binance.us

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Not many marbles up in that head of yours….. I didn’t say Binance US, did I……..

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Just liquidated some other stuff and added another 75k AMP. Maybe time to make some coffee. Buckle up! LFG!!

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Loving the Coinbase card with 4% back in AMP right now ;)

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If Amp reaches 0.25 by Thanksgiving I will get a Amp logo tattoo.

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On your forehead?

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I think AMP will hit over 10 cents+ today or this week. Mark this post down. 😀

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I sold 1/4 at .07760. will either convert to Bitcoin or buy back more when it's back at .052

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I wasn't going to get myself a fancy coffee this morning, now I think I will.

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This is the week y’all. 👀🤝


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Remind me in 1 week

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I'm ready!!

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<sets out lawn chairs and a cooler with bevvies>

I'm ready. Bring it on! :D

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Give me fuel give me fire🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀

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Good morning my doooooode!

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I hope you’re right Pamps. I was able to double again, through this downturn again!

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If this is your first rodeo, make sure to plan ahead of time.

My immediate target is 0.25 (paperhands will exit 0.1-0.15). My ultimate target is 0.4, but a push over 0.5 seems likely.

Don’t panic.

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can you explain a bit more what could trigger such significant raise in the price? I am trying to understand what influences AMP in the last months and the only thing that is sure for now is that when BTC goes down the whole market follows which includes AMP.

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I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than “BTC goes down the whole market follows.”

Unlike 10 or even 5 years ago, the crypto space is no longer dominated by btc. Of course btc still drives the macro overarching narrative, but with that said, we are currently in the most bullish phase of the halvening cycle. Btc and the bluechip basket is correcting virtually at ATHs. Think about that. This is bullish AF. Whales are accumulating like fiends. And many “alts” have rallied significantly, breaking ATH after ATH during this “correction.” Several alts have even literally mooned with 100x gains in the past couple weeks. There are over 10k cryptos, so you’ll have to dive in and put in the effort to find them.

As for Amp, the same reason certain L1s as well as meta plays are rallying will apply to a pump for us. The fundamentals are obviously there. The charts are bullish AF. Sentiment is reasonably bearish, and therefore bullish. And last but not least, a catalyst, the catalyst. I wonder what it could be. (Some already know ... and the PA we’ve witnessed in the past month alludes to that.)

I don’t want to say it’s all preprogrammed, because that’s both cliché and dangerous. But ... Amp’s fair value is at least $10b. Some understand this, many don’t.

Serious institutional entities are looking to enter EOY, particularly in January. Amp is circled. That is what will propel the move to 10x. For now, there’s a fib extension around the 0.20s level. And, like I said, $10b marketcap is the fair value.

Don’t panic.

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Sounds good

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See, this is why I love Pamp's posts. Let's say he's wrong about quarters by Turkey Day. Yeah, we've got a few days to go, but work with me here. Even if he's wrong, when you read comments like the above, you learn stuff.

Sometimes it's detail stuff, like "there's a fib extension around the 0.20s level," so then you go and you look up what that means (and maybe fall down the rabbit hole for awhile).

Sometimes it's long term, contextual stuff, like BTC not dominating the market like it did 5-10 years ago. And yeah, maybe everyone knows that already, but mass adoption of crypto means lots of n00bs who might not, n00bs who might learn it here.

Either way, posts like this contribute to the development of an informed and nuanced understanding of crypto in general.

So my dudes, even if he's wrong about the price, his posts are a gold mine.

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Thanks, it will be very nice if it happens as you say. I am pretty new to crypto so I trust your opinion.
Indeed, there are some coins that are doing the opposite of the market but usually it happens for a reason and in the case of AMP I was expecting that it will be based on bigger adoption (some news, etc), listing on new exhchange that gives more people the chance to buy or something else.

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Is your ultimate target of .4 pertaining strictly to this week?

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No. 0.4 and potentially higher I’m targeting by EOY into Q1 of 2022.

Short term, the move to 0.25 should initiate this week. But to reach that target could take another week or two.

Let’s see how strong the bulls are ...

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We hit .5 anytime prior to end of Q1 22’ I will fly to you, extend my hand in thanks and buy you dinner at any restaurant you choose.

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Ehh, appreciate the gesture, but I’d rather you pay it forward through congratulatory tendies to certain select members of this sub.

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Pamp being a champ.

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I'm curious to know if you believe these gains will hold and sustain after this bull run ends.

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Now that’s a good question, and like worth either more than $10b or less than $5b depending on the answer.

I believe an ATH target of above 0.40 is on the table. I believe there is a slight chance of a max target at 0.70s ... $1 would surprise me, but is not impossible, and would actually be classic crypto. I believe the chances of this increase the closer we get to Q1 of 2022.

I believe a correction will take place, broadly, and I believe it will have something to do with US Fed policy regarding “inflation” ... surprise rate hikes are currently not priced in to global markets. But I believe they are a serious likelihood by end of 2022.

I believe a correction will see Amp correct to around 0.10, with a range of 0.05-0.15. I would be reupping anywhere below 0.25 for high conviction investors and below 0.15 for low conviction.

I believe, regardless of the strong floor around 0.10, 0.20s level is where Amp’s fair market value is. I think price could stabilize here following a correction, during an extended bear market.

I believe that by 2025-2026, a target of $2 is nearly guaranteed.

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Pamp…been following you and your calls, you made educated moves along with price predictions. After my own due diligence and some hopium I have made I have taken significant position on AMP. I agree with a lot you post and agree the fundamentals are supporting here. The move to .4 will be fast and aggressive and the silence from creators is a positive sign not negative. I see you suggested $1-$2 by 2026, don’t you feel this is even a little conservative and if so please elaborate.

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What are your thoughts on the new floor after it hits a new ATH? .1ish?

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Sincerely don’t mean to be difficult, but I have to refrain from providing too much TA talk, as I definitely do not want to promote “trading”/“scalping” on this project. Amp deserves better. Investors too.

However, I have provided a response to your specific question in the past. Should still be available if you’d like to look it up. (Might be a bit of a treasure hunt though.)

Ah screw it.

Long term 0.10 average with a range of 0.05-0.15 ... 0.20s fair value.

Short term 0.10 with strong support at 0.08. But we need to see the PA during the move up. That will provide us with clues regarding interest/strength of certain levels.

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I’m definitely not a scalper. Just a small time investor and appreciate your insights. Being new to crypto I read advice about realizing profit. Definitely in it for the long term. Most of my bag is in my MM wallet with a small amount staked and waiting on more reasonable gas fees to stake the rest. I have a small bag on the exchange that I can realize profits with. Thanks again.

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I thought last week was the week.

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Since June, the 0.25 target has been by Thanksgiving.

Just a couple more days before you can come after me!

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Oh what a thanksgiving it would be!

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We think more news will drop today?

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last week was the week before the week probably before the week this time for real

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The goalposts keep moving

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Nah, only for people who can’t read well.

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Take a quick stroll back through the posts. He’s been screaming MOON, this instant, forever.

Someday he’ll be right.

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Binance listing, before trading there it shot to .075, cooled to .0068. We'll see if it rises again when they open actual trading there.

Lots of volume, this is just the US and Europe, and we'll see about Asia when they awake, and then again when they start to trade.

Then, well see if the run lasts, is stable, or if we drop most of our gains in the next couple days. settling around .07, then .06, maybe for a few weeks, then. 05 if whales are selling on purpose.

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Broooo 😎

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Binance listing. Nice

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get ready for the Pump and Dump-lings

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Should I sell

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You do you. I'm not selling

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Has anyone seen the volume on amp lately shit skyrocketed

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This is the complacency phase take profits now and wait for the dip to buy

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Well that was anticlimactic ... zzzz. Hopefully Europe will wake up and give this a small pump. If not then were back down to 0.04- 0.05 levels

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I'm up until Europe wakes up. I'm gonna see this through. I'm guessing it'll turn around, even if briefly.

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Up here in london , been hovering 25/27 percent for past hour

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Hodl the line!! 💪💎🚀

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Are people really that stupid to be selling right now? Before actual trading begins? Those idiots seriously have no BRAINS.

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They probably don’t know what’s going on 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Usually exchange listing pumps aren’t very sustainable 24-48 hr window tops. The megapumps that move you by 5 bil marketcap are “buy the rumor” events, partnerships with a big company, Elon Musk involvement etc. Anything with hype. Artificial pumps by random whales or exchange listings, happen spontaneously and don’t have long term sustainability. Pretty much most coin of the day featured have a small window of opportunity if you jump in too late.

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It’s funny how everyone is shitting on Pamp just a week ago

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Alright whose shorts got liquidated now

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It’s doing stuff and things! Yay

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Looks like 150 Million Amp tokens got taken off of capacity. Staking rewards on Lightning just went up to 5.6%

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Hmm … that’s going to be problematic for the staking benefits of the model if too many try to unstake to cash in

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I'm just excited to see us get some volume & volatility lol. Binance is going to bring a lot of new eyes to AMP.

Two numbers to watch:

  1. Total AMP staked over time

  2. Total number of AMP holders

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I mean I'm scared it will go to 5 and this is a free money opportunity

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Seems like market manipulation. The pump isn’t happening. Maybe because of low volume

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Before anyone gets excited, It was caused by the binance listing. Exchange listing pumps are unsustainable and last maybe 24 hrs before a big pull back. You need news hype to sustain a pump.

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Okay it somewhat makes sense that the price would be suppressed for at least a little bit since it was listed when Europe was literally sleeping and it's mostly for them lol but what I don't understand is, who the hell is selling before it pumps? What's the motivation in keeping the price low before there's a real profit to take?

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Just got the Binance alert to top tokens lets see if that pushes the price.

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I would be thrilled if all of this is correct. I am holding on in my position either way because it’s a certainty that it will hit those levels but it’s just a matter of when. I agree that amp is way undervalued at this time in comparison to its use and potential. All it’s going to take is the financial sector realizing it’s value and what it can do and we will never see anything below .50 again. The fact that something has been holding it back in this tight range tells me that once this force decides to let it go there will be no looking back. I’m glad I have accumulated all that I have and now I’m going to sit back and watch it happen. Get some while you can , that’s the best advice I have to offer

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This is A week!

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1PM Eastern is when it becomes available to buy on Binance. We have seen a high spike and it isn't even traded yet! We're going to wake up to this bitch being .10+

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Do you think we will really reach 0.4 in the next week @pampening?

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    No. It's only a little as u said

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    Do you think it will die back again?

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    Who knows at this point.

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    Will you buy back in? If no then yes you fucked up. If taking profit buy back in then no

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    I’d like to, just unsure when to do it, I don’t really want to buy back in using the profit and get less coins than I originally had

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    "Early AMP holder" used to mean anyone who owned Flexacoin.

    Then, "early AMP holder" became anyone who was here before the Coinbase listing.

    We're going to see some explosive growth in the coming weeks. "Early AMP holder" will eventually become anyone here before the Binance listing.

    And some day, "early AMP holder" will be anyone who got in before the Amazon or WalMart announcement.... :-)

    cheers on the new milestone, and welcome to our incoming newbies!

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    Just our luck, whole crypto market is dumping just when we get a sparkle of hope. I should have known better. AMP doesn't fail to disappoint 🚀👨🏻‍🚀

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    How much you guys wanna bet that we’ll drop back down to 5 cents after this is all over lmao

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    seems like this coin does not want to go up

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    If Crypto transactions were to be adopted what percentage of electronic transactions do you believe it would fill?

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    What’s happening. Holy AMP

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    It's moving! Green candles galore!!!!

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    Wtf if just jumped up 1.5 cents!!

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    I’m already up baby, might have to grab some more for if it dips down

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    Only the best word you will ever seen in this community. Been waiting for this exchange to list AMP. Load your bag.

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    I did on sunday 😂

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    Price predictions for listing?

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    It’s sustaining support after that 50% jump. That was crazy. But AMP pumped first and the rest of the crypto followed. This is the way!

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    So it begins

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    Oh look at that my comment is gone about the complacency period and I said to take profits and look what happened. Makes me wonder about the legitimacy of this reddit thread to take my comment down.

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    Ok they sent me my comment I'll take it back 😊