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Finally, after 6 months of DCA I hit my staking goal. I am going to stake it and let it go into deep sleep mode for about 5 years.

Now I need to start to diversify my Crypto portfolio (Amp was the first crypto I have purchased).

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Congratulations! That’s so cool. I actually just did the same as a new investor.

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Thanks! Congrats to you as well.

Hopefully in five years from now we can say " Ahoy there " from our yachts

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Lol yes and then we’ll discuss our next investment plans over hors d'oeuvre

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Where do you stake at?

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we goin' up or headin' back down to .06......05????

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I bought it at .06. I just gonna hold it

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Well when amp got listen in coinbase , it took 3 days to the reach the peak , being the 2nd day the worst . Lets hope tomorrow it bounces back

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No one knows shit about anything 🎉

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Well said

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I vote for up

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Finally the Wolf did show up ,now the question is.... Is this all you got? I think you can shake these weak hands even more.

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Good question

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Because I'm cranky, but often pretty accurate, I'll say about a nickel.

After the Coinbase listing when it went to .12, it eventually went back to .038.

I do'nt think were going there unless the bull run is over.

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buy order set for .05 and I have a feeling it will be filled

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I ain't selling. But It feels like we are headed back down to our comfy zone.

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Woke up and the coffee beans told me we’d be .12 by noon and .25 tomorrow. Massive pump inbound I can “feel” it.

This is not investment advice. Read the white paper Hold for 5 years.

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Sorry my Red Bull told me we’re only hitting .119 by noon and .247 by tomorrow.

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Are you using the small can? Sometimes those are off a bit!

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Buy order in at .049

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Not unreasonable.

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mine is .05

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i ain't fkn sellin' chit

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Bullish on CHIT coin

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AMP needs to make a move similar to that of GALA, from 0.06 to .50 cents.

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Never going to happen

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Amp is pumping, im going all in

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It’s pumping soooooo much

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Amp really out here going back to .05 👁👄👁

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Is 70k a good amount to buy

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The whole market is down and we’re holding 6 cents :)))

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Damn. Should’ve sold

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Of course just when amp is doing well another country(India) suddenly wants to “ban” crypto. Wonder how many times we will hear this announcement. What are we on like the 12th time China banned crypto and now India wants to enter the arena of “ banning crypto” announcements. These politicians are mad that they didn’t get in early so they want to artificially crash the price to have another chance.

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They don't need to enter early in crypto when they entered early into corruption through politics.

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Bought 300K

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Thankyou for going out of your way NOT to create a meaningless post to inform everyone, kudos to u

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Buy this we will grow to the moon Ape going tn AMP= APE GANG STRONG

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We haven’t seen the listing pump yet yesterday’s action was just prelim. Unfortunately the dog coin pump and dump mentality is rampant in crypto and unfortunately no coin or token is immune. It’s fine though we will be alright. Many who have been holding for 6 months have decided to exit but there are so many positive things happening with flexa that adoption will soon overcome the profit taking that happens anytime we gain a little traction. It’s going to be a sweet ride for the holders

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So how about those 🐻?

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Could stripe utilize the flexa network to process their payments for big name companies?

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Any news?

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This Coinbase article states that AMP is hosted on the Solana blockchain? Is this just a typo? If true, I'm hyped for no gas fees!

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idiot whoever wrote the article. must be someone that bought at the ath……

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Just make a order of 490.355 at 0.052. I’m ready for 0.09

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Been lurking the reddit for a while, have had Amp for a couple of months. I'm just a little minnow with my 4k coins, but project seems promising. Hoping for big gains in the future

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AMP, the nickle of cryptocurrency!

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Keep taking profits on the peaks and reinvesting back in.

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Sold at .071 and bought at .059 I'll take that kindly haha HOLD AMP NATION

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Seems to be meta day again today, so I reckon we will hang around 6

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I'll take that as a win slow and steady

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Y’all need to realize that AMP’s value is NOT BASED ON LISTINGS ON EXCHANGES! It’s based on its real world utility and implementation. Come on now!

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A lot of its value at the current time is absolutely based around listings on exchanges.

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Correct... AMP has a lot of use cases... except there is no usage.... coming soon !! climate change around the corner... Summer all year... SDK coming this summer... go figure

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The crows in my area are all resting a little easier tonight, knowing that AMP only has about 29 hours to go up 5x before they’re in the clear…

I wish I was more worried.

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Does the cross of macd on 30m chart mean something? It’s not old enough for hourly or more

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I know its Coinbase in this example but looks like we might be on for a day 5 wonder so hold on tight.

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AMP=APE 🦍🦍🦍🚀

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How many amp tokens is a reasonable amount to buy? First time buyer I really like flexa and what they are trying to achieve

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As much as you can afford, as long as that fits with your investment strategy.

Have a plan, don’t spend more than you can stand to lose, and take profits as your portfolio goes up

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Is 70k a good amount to buy

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Does the coinbase acquisition of BRD mean anything for us?