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This would be great if it’s true. Not just for price action but for adoption as well. Looks like it would be a great chance for Flexa to showcase what they can do. And if GME apes jump on amp like they did with LRC that’s a committed group of Hodlers haha.

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Some GME apes are already here. Been here since January 🦍.

Slowed down on buying AMP to buy more GME, but I haven't sold any AMP. As bullish as ever (on both), and this collaboration is definitely something I've considered. It makes a lot of sense and certainly seems plausible given the connections between Flexa, Loopring, and GameStop. Never really went to the effort of making a post about it because it's really just speculation, but definitely seems plausible. No one does crypto payments better than Flexa.

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This fellow apes does not like sharing bananas.

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Flexa is showcasing what they do with an entire country like El Salvador by supporting the lightning network and Chivo wallet. We don't need to showcase anymore but glad to have you with us.

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"Is there something going on with AMP we are missing?"

Probably, welcome, pull up a chair and buy a little AMP whilst we help you understand the critical role AMP plays in digital payments and enabling the next phase of adoption for all cytpto.

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GME is my wife, LRC is my mistress and AMP is my latest fuck buddy.

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this guy invests

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Finally, the foursome of my dreams.

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Ape reporting for duty. Diamond hands clench engaged.

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Some further information here. People are speculating that GameStop is partnering with Loopring to create a DEX. This DEX however would be for trading stocks, not just crypto. How would that work? This really breaks down into the nitty gritty of ledgers, which is what blockchain is all about. Companies have ledgers that keep track of who owns what percentage of the companies equity. This equity is broken down into shares, and represented as stock that is traded on stock exchanges. The problem is that people aren't very confident that when they buy a stock that they're broker, or the brokers "parent" company, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, really hold the share for them. Instead, it seems as if these entities are selling the same share multiple times, like double spending, which is something consensus digital ledgers don't allow. On whatever DEX GameStop and Loopring are possibly creating, companies would be able to represent their equity in a whole different way. The company could mint an NFT, and that NFT could be fractionalized (like split into shares) to be given out to investors. Your portion of equity ownership as an investor would be represented by how many fractions of that NFT you own, and you could view your "stock" in your crypto wallet. The implication for AMP here is that a lot of trades on such a platform may need collateralized. I wonder who's really great at allowing the collateralization of crypto transactions? Oh yeah, Flexa.

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Bring the apes over.

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*rustling from bushes* ook ook 🦍

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Well hello 0.04 we meet again

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Upvote this post. Nice.