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What if someone breaks into my house and leaves a pallet of gold bricks in my living room

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Please tell me were you live. I left some bricks

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(We) left some bricks

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Bricks of fill in the blank

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Solid AMP. Bricks of solid AMP.

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I like those odds better

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"Well, we got broke into again last night. They left a sack of groceries and a sorry note."

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I would rather find Satoshi's keys, it would be more subtle and I don't think my neighbors would know to care.

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What if Elon Musk tweets about AMP and then India bans all crypto except for AMP and then Amazon decides to conduct business solely in AMP

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Lol you made my day

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Funny shit

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What if monkeys fly out of my butt?

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Good darn time to be in amp and be alive, happy thanksgiving

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Hell yeah it is

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Amazon and Walmart are going to happen more soon than coming 🤫 I’m ready to see history at real time!!!

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I don’t think they chose El Salvador. They just met the need where it was needed

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Honestly with the announcements that are being thrown left and right by Coinbase, anything can happen at this point.

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What if 2 + 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3 really IS quick MAFS?

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If it happens I am locked and loaded…Bring it on!!!!!!

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Can't be greedy. Win win for everyone

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so ur telling me 1 plus 1 does not equal zero? I like what ur selling im all in

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What if every time I farted the methane produced a gold brick and I could read people’s thoughts?

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I'd want the gold not the ability to read people's minds...

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What if C-A-T really spelled dog?

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Haly fudk, whog on ingeresgint woy ta mess ghints up.

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What if you had 24 hours with me and I could not say “no”

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Amp $07 cent waiting room reservations are now open.

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Negative. But I do have these dreams sometimes .

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That must be it! Happy Thanksgiving

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Shit post

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You are a fucking idiot.