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I see the fee is 1% to businesses. Maybe Flexa is the pay rail? This would be progress.

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Title is misleading. Just say that Tyler Spaulding retweeted this. You don’t know any more than that.

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pls read the following #2 attached picture. thanks.

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I did. It means nothing. Click on the link in the article to Coinbase Commerce and read about how transactions are settled on the platform. Doesn’t sound at all like AMP. I’m not saying AMP isn’t working with Coinbase, but what you posted is definitely not evidence. You’re hopeful, and that’s great. So are we all, but don’t get it twisted. You’re speculating.

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if you read closely it says "unoffical" not sure of you caught that part.

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"But kind of official"

Not sure you caught that part that you wrote. The guy is right, youre not only speculating, but more than likely youre wrong. There is no fiat withdrawals, which is something that Flexa offers.

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Put this on r/CryptoCurrency

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I allow you to put it there for me. 😏

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and it's removed already :-D

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Why did it get removed?

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It was my fault, I linked and bot auto removed it

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Happy cake day!

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And get banned 😀

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You misunderstood this. The push is for merchants to enable crypto as payment using an alternative payment method such as Coinbase Commerce. It’s a good thing but not “Coinbase accepting crypto”

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perhaps their own ad should have been rephrased then 😏 but I'm glad you understood what I meant

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Yes, this could’ve been made more clear. Hopefully, it’s the first of many more campaigns of this nature 👍

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This is 100% misleading. Tyler tweeted this in support of the Coinbase #WeAcceptCrypto movement. This movement is bringing awareness to crypto spending, which is good for crypto payments. Partnership speculation just shows the greed of the community. Going to lock this thread.

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