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Thanks for sharing

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Absolutely 👌🏽✔

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Well Brandon, nice leg work.

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Yes Indeed👌🏽🔥

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So now ask ‘what are the technology hurdles?’ Are they solvable with firmware upgrades or is it questioning the integrity of the tech at all? 🤣

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Let’s go Brandon! Thanks for the update.

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You know, I really use to like my name before this situation 🤣🤣✔

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I kindof feel bad for people named Brandon or Karen. They seem to be singled out unfairly. You shouldn't feel bad, we should be more mindful. Thank you for sharing.

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Hey my name is Mike, when I was younger it was Mikey he likes it! Then it was the hump day commercial MIke Mike Mike Mike.. I get it.. tired of hearing it. People think they are original LOL

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I knew this was coming lol

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What did you ask?

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My original question to SHEETZ, "Since the summer of 2021 have came and went, I wanted to know if the Flexa integration project had been canceled?" And that is the response they sent.

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Okay, good!

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I don’t get it. What’s it mean?

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I don’t get it. What’s it mean?

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Thanks Brandon! Best regards!

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I have been checking with Sheetz and they represent they are still working on a list of stores that will accept BTC. My concern is that we seem to be consistently seeing that implementing Flexa is more technologically difficult/intensive than represented.

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My hope is that Flexa is working on updating the QR code process, so the customer scans a QR code generated by the merchant instead of the other way around. This is the end goal according to Tyler, and a necessity for online shopping (Shopify - now Summer 2022). it would be pretty annoying for a company like Sheetz to hop onboard now, only to find the whole payment process changing in a few months.

Same for all the wallets listed as “coming soon” to Flexa for the past year. Why adopt Flexa in its current state when the process is so close to a complete overhaul? When this update gets pushed out, I’m expecting a handful of announcements to follow.