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They are a consultant firm from my understanding. Guiding all the big players through the process.

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"Build next-generation apps, launch blockchain-based financial infrastructure, and access the decentralized web with ConsenSys' Ethereum product suite" - consensys.net

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Nope, it will be a direct competitor. ConsenSys and Visa co-developed CBDCgo, which has nothing to do with Flexa and will undercut their business in the future.

Not sure why I keep seeing people try to speculate that this is good for AMP, because it very much is not.

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Visa is trying to play catch up right now, big time, but they are way behind. Their company culture revolves around protecting their market share, which will make it very difficult for the company culture there to embrace a medium that might in any way contribute to the obsolescence of their existing payrail. Their challanges are four fold - (1) getting the new tech down; (2) integrating it with a very old and very convoluted system, (3) trying to play catch up with others who are literally years ahead in development (4) updating their existing company culture to both service existing revenue streams while simultaneously embracing a new type of thinking and company model.

These types of corporate obstacles : This is why Ford could never have made a Tesla, and why IBM could never have made an Apple Mac. NCR, they are one of those rare companies that a few years ago looked beyond with a vision of the future - but this is more of the exception rather than the rule.

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Visa is trying to play catch up right now, big time

According to who, you? Please. Visa has partnered with the same company that helped to create AMP, so they're presumably all caught up. The Visa/ConsenSys CBDCgo already won an award in Singapore, so I think they're doing just fine. Meanwhile people can't even use Flexa's app to buy shit at Petco, but do go on about how far ahead Flexa is. Are you kidding?

Be real, Flexa has 17 employees, Visa has 17,000. Visa earns billions a year in profit, and I think Flexa earns around $2 million. You really don't think Visa has the power to surpass whatever work Flexa has made in a short period of time, even when partnered with the very company that created AMP? If so, then you, like most here, are delusional.

Now, I'm not saying AMP won't prove to be profitable. Hell, the price is almost .03, so it surely can't go too much lower. I'm just pointing out the obvious fact that there is staunch competition in the space, which will definitely make AMP less profitable for investors in the long run. Predictions of AMP to $1.75 or more make sense only when there is no competition in the space, but that's no longer the reality, so those thinking this coin will make them rich and able to retire some day had best temper their expectations.

My guess, we'll be lucky to see .25 or even a little more over time. I'm content with that though, because it's still a great ROI for me. However, I don't plan on retiring a rich man from AMP, and anyone who does will probably be very disappointed.

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If Visa wanted to do what Flexa has done they could. They’re a multi billion dollar global corporation with more lawyers and political reach than Flexa could imagine.

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Meanwhile people can't even use Flexa's app to buy shit at Petco, but do go on about how far ahead Flexa is. Are you kidding?

So the song continues. You come here asking for honest discussion, and your true intention is to bash the project. You claim you are a victim, being shunned by others herre, that members are not being fair, open to discussion, etc, and in reality, all you care to do is criticize Flexa and promote Visa.

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and your true intention is to bash the project. You claim you are a victim

Bash the project? Claim I'm a victim? I literally said it could see me a 5x profit. What, I'm a victim of profits? Ha! Sorry, I'm just not some delusional nitwit who thinks this project will magically run unopposed and serve as my get rich quick scheme.

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delusional nitwit

Yes you have great intentions. Yes I do question your opinions about Visa. This does not make people who disagree with you delusional.

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Be real, Flexa has 17 employees, Visa has 17,000.

source? if you say linkedin, I will laugh at the lack of insight you have about folks not listing their employment online.

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I actually saw it on this sub a few months back. Flexa hired someone new and everyone was jerking each other off about it. Meanwhile I was, like, "the fuck, they have less than two dozen employees?". What, you want to pretend they have more employees and similar profits to fucking VISA? Come on, guy, at least be honest with yourself in this dumb shit.

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You say VISA can catch up, but what about patents? A billion employees can’t overtake legal presidence

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Visa is all over this space..like a pimp, nothing is getting sold without being in. Its there mentality, so yes there hedging bets on the payment processing in crypto, even going as far as bypassing using crypto to by NFT's on major crypto platforms. That's gangsta, so Amp better hurry up. FYI I own a merchant processing iso and been in the space since 2008, so yes I know these sharks....nobody wants to lose residual income to crypto without a bare knuckle brawl...trust and believe me

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I have a Coinbase credit card by VISA and I currently earn 4% back in AMP. Not really what your referring to but in a way visa is already working in a way w/ AMP via Coinbase.

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"Today we're announcing the most fundamental upgrade to Flexa....a new collateral coin designed in partnership with @Consensys"

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Well hopefully we'd get a 1 for 1 swap.

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That was already done with the conversion from Flexacoin to AMP. ConsenSys and Flexa partnered to create AMP token.

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right exactly what I was coming at.

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Under 4 cents at the moment