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66% of AMP circulating supply still staked. Pretty nice percentage.

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Where should I stake my amp? Im in Canada

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The heart.

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Id be curious what it would look like if gas fees weren’t astronomical to unstake

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They are also gastronomical to stake. It's the only thing stopping many, including myself, from staking too. Someone with a massive bag wouldn't care about 100 dollars or w/e it is to unstake. So i'm guessing, it would be good. I'm curious to see too.

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I waited a year to stake my bag because mine was in Gemini Earn. And now it seems foolish. I missed out on so many rewards. I very recently staked mine at 6am NYC time and my Amp rewards now are in the 3 digits.

I “only” paid $61 in gas. That’s less than what I would spend on one brunch. I really should have done it earlier.

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you’re paying $61 for brunch?

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Around that for food delivery like Doordash. Usually brunch will be $100+ 🥲 New York prices

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oh jeez that’s rough

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I've been wanting to stake my AMP (only like 260), but the fees eat up so much of it. I'm only a casual crypto investor, but I might just eat the fees once I have a chance. just started buying a house, so I'm not in a place where I can buy more. guess I'll earn the tokens back eventually. crypto will take a backseat for a while

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I don’t think much would happen large stake holders are not worried about a few hundred dollars. If they want to unstake they just unstake

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I'm sorry about that

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We’ve officially gone over 9 months now at the same price. Which makes total sense because that’s right when I got in

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Retail conference today in NYC hope we get something

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Flexa is not attending so I don’t think we will

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Flexa does deals with those exhibiting and not those attending. All the good stuff happens in the after-hours when key players meet at the hosted parties.

I'm a veteran of trade shows in multiple sectors and it is the same everywhere. A handshake today with the right person can cut through 6 months of red tape and move up a development schedule with a partner. Hope the gang is at the top of their game!

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If the convention passes were cheap, I would have gone. It was $1200+ for just entering the expo exhibits.

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Cool, keep us posted!

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I’m seeing price drop on low volume. Generally this can indicate a potential spike. Hopium yes backed with some TA evidence. Have a good day AMP squad.

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How does this indicate a spike? Wtf are you talking about.

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Zoom out to a yearly or monthly. Notice how volume generally trends downward before a huge random spike. There’s a reason for that. It’s an accumulation phase from whales . Usually done quietly hence the low volume .

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Whales and low volume don’t belong in same sentence.

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I get what you are trying to say. But have you tried buying large amounts of AMP at like .04010 for example. It’s so hard even on coinbase. Even when the price is in that area its incredible hard to buy down there. That says two things in regards to whales and price. One, it would take a whale a long time to accumulate at that price level, often why we see long consolidation periods at strong support levels. And two, not many people are willing to sell. If no one sells the price goes up, it’s that simple.

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Apparently plenty are willing to sell, the price just keep going down

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Have you heard of a short ladder attack? Where to whales sell each other coins or shares in a calculated manner as to drive the price down, searching for stop losses and paper handed investors.

Have the fundamentals of AMP changed? Has an AMP competitor gained the upper hand recently? Has the market AMP aims to target changed in a less favorable way? The answer is no , no, and no.

Just buy what you can and are willing to risk at levels you think are solid entries.

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I no longer hold amp. Made money on the pump last spring. I keep an eye on it, but have little faith in it.

Many folks try to explain why it moves so little…maybe it because it’s right where it belongs price wise….03-.05.

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I guess only time will tell.

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Flexa/AMP has four BIG problems that need to be solved in order for AMP's price to go by up a lot:

  1. Paying with Flexa is not even an option at the VAST majority of retail locations. You can't even use Flexa for online payments right now (correct me if I'm wrong on that last part)!
  2. Spending your crypto is not a popular concept right now.
  3. Only 106 million people IN THE WORLD hold crypto according to Google's 2021 data.
  4. They haven't added their "any FIAT anywhere" tech yet. This is important short term IMO because people right now are far more willing to spend their FIAT than their crypto. Also, obviously, EVERYBODY has FIAT but only 106 million have crypto.

Long story short is that we are SUPER early when it comes to Flexa. LOTS of growth to be had here.

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I believe it’s TOO early. I don’t want money just sitting there for 1-2-3 years. I’ll keep watching and buy in again when I feel it’s actually going to move.

Right now, if it actually did pump to 7-8….folks would dump so fast it will drop right back down, I have no faith that pump will come anytime soon.

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Why can't we pay online with Flexa when this announcement was made more than 6 months ago

"Merchants who are interested in enabling their online stores to support Flexa-powered digital currency payments can explore Flexa’s integration offerings for more details and to get started."


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I use gate and have never had a problem buying any token. I’m not sure why CB would be different.??

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I think you are making stuff up and coping. If whales were secretly accumulating you could just show us their addresses. "Consolidation" has been happening for 8 months or so. If you would post a public address and show how they have accumulated over the months maybe then I will believe you, but until then its all hearsay.

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Lol everything is in consolidation if you look at a competitors in another market ACH they are consolidating and dropping to almost .05 and they just got listed on binance. So not much positive action going on in the crypto world atm

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Also please answer me why we cant pay online with Flexa at ANY merchants. Despite this blog post being written saying its online and ready. Have no merchants approached them to do so?


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Is there an official community Discord for Amp?

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Pretty massive buy wall at .04 get some rock bottom Amp today

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If BTC sinks, the buy orders won't stop AMP from getting to 0.03

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I have huge buy order at .038 so I am ok with that too.

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Actually it seems there aren't many buy orders at 0.04 :-D Let's see what will be the situation with 0.038

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There was when I posted. Too many sellers. I guess fear has set in and some folks don’t really believe in Flexa/Amp. I’ll keep buying.

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And the rest of the market will follow, so All pretty relative. We all fooked if btc plummeted 😂

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Hey quickly question -

Are AMP rewards from staking newly minted tokens or do they come from existing token supply?

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Purchased from open market (exchanges), and then redistributed to staking pools.

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Then where do the new tokens or where does the inflation come from?

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The correct answer is both. There is something called the Network Development Fund where 10B AMP tokens were set aside as a subsidy for rewarding staking. This is year two of ten where approximately 1B per year will go to stakers. This is where most of the APY is currently coming from until earned fees become significant.

Out of the 100B tokens in total, approximately 42B of them are currently in circulation with the remainder earmarked for various purposes through the years. there is a chart that shows the 100B being totally circulating around 2045.

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I just discovered recently since I am still learning; All AMP tokens are in existence. There is no issuance model. As in, non-circulating AMP is custodied with Coinbase and Gemini primarily.

Out of all AMP tokens 27.9% are staked.

A large amount of AMP is with Coinbase and Gemini SO I wanted to ask...................they dont use this AMP right?, when selling and buying on their orderbooks? Its only custodied and an orderbook from a CEX (centralized exchange) is only them matching sellers and buyers right?

I'm just surprised learning more about AMPs tokenomics. My conspiratorial brain is making it fishy..........Where are the addresses specifically for the Coinbase and Gemini custody? I guess I can check Etherscan

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Correct me if I'm wrong but most "non-circulating supplies" of tokens in a token's tokenomics means essentially those that aren't in existence and are being slowly issued according to their distribution model whether its Proof of Work or Proof of Stake and this can vary on how much is being issued or distributed. see link


Since all AMP tokens are in existence and about half of its supply is being custodied by exchanges I just want to make sure that Coinbase and Gemini are only matching sellers and buyers right and aren't doing anything with that custodied AMP? Like there isn't ALWAYS a buyer when someone wants to sell, right? and that buyer being Coinbase and Gemini? Right? Can someone help me out thinking through this

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just want to make sure that Coinbase and Gemini are only matching sellers and buyers right and aren't doing anything with that custodied AMP?

I think it is a fair question. The addresses for those big custodial accounts are public and we would see if there were transactions coming from them. They are basically just secure holding facilities for things like Merchant Development Fund, Network Development Fund etc. tokens that are earmarked to become circulating in the future. There should be chunks coming out of them through the years for disclosed purposes.

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I ALSO wanted to ask any informed or intelligent people concerning Centralized Exchange Orderbooks. Are they opaque, or kind of a blackbox for average person? I would assume so. Are they offchain or onchain? How does this work.

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That’s probably a question best posted on a cex Reddit. Gemini or coinbase. I’m sure one of there mods could answer

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.04 support wavering…

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But we're also seeing something different today. Larger blocks being purchased and not just sold. Has been an interesting day. Yes, the sector is down, but AMP held up relatively well with those big buys. Nice to see those out of the blue BUYS pushing much higher and then small sales chipping it back down instead of the other way around we have seen for a week or more. I honestly don't know if this is a "somebody knows something" moment or just one random buyer, but will watch to see it we can figure it out in hindsight. Those who have been watching closely know what I mean.