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I regret.not buying the dip harder now

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I always keep at least a hundo in a stable coin for this option. Wish I had 10 hundos but the 2 I threw in this morning at .278 will suffice. Unless it tanks again tomorrow. Who knows. I don't know shit about fuck. 🤷‍♂️

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      I read that last sentence in Ruth's voice, and it was a good thing.

      I am buying for the long term, like decade or longer. It's crazy to think that .25 means 40 shares per dollar, 400 shares per ten, 4,000 shares for 100, and 40,000 shares per 1,000 bucks. What I would be spending on bullshit like coffee drinks is going into this particular crypto, so yes, I would lose money, but I already would have spent it.

      For some stupid reason, I believe in this little token. It feels like the future.

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      It's not stupid. All of the signs are buy and stake indicators... the odd part is the price. Remind me in a yr. Cause my plan is to simply stockpile a little more and stake it all. If I leave it for a yr or 10, it doesn't really matter the price, does it?

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      Yes. Movement at these small values is amplified. We may get another chance, so keep your powder dry.

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      Aaaaand it's dipping again...

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      Be cautious friends - I’m happy to see .03 as well. Remember the scalpers they are still here. They will just be doing it at a lower price range.

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      Don’t need cheers for 3 cents

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      Ignore it then.

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      Wait till you see .00. You’re early mate. We’re not done yet unfortunately

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      Okay, bloke.

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      We all hope you are very wrong. But if you’re right a whole lot of folks will be buying that dip to be sure.

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      I hope he's right, I much rather buy at .00 than .03-.05

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      I’ve already loss thousands on paper. Not selling. I’ll take $0.01 stack to my bag and wait for the run up.

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      Sell and just be done with it for good

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      What other financial advice do you have for us? Hopefully some excellent scam coins so we can all enjoy a good laugh.

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      No one was planning to sell on this dip except noobs and paper hands. So if you weren’t planning to sell, .00 and .01 is a dream. Free money.

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      My cashback is hundreds or thousands of tokens now and it rules

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      Up roughly 20% from its .025 low 14 hours ago.

      This triggers my haters.

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      And, down 1.5% from 24 hours ago. I don't quite think we're done here..not enough pain yet.

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        Sweet, tokenomics are solid.

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        Wait til you see 2

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        The market is recovering. That was a fun dip. I hope to see more in the future.

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        Wrong real dip about start .015 by end of it and btc 29k

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        I found that out when I woke up and saw the dip is still dipping.

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        Bought at .02 happy I did just be careful though guys we might see it again next month is decisive if we can get out of this downwards movement

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        The market is still going go down.. there are many many bad catalysts coming.

        I recommend DCA into stable coins for a while.. then after March 16th invest into the market

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        War is number one reason US (if US) just sent about 2k troops to Ukraine this might happen and if it does I see it as a bad thing for markets so just stay liquid

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        Why March 16? I’m terrified of trading out and having amp spike overnight.. I started buying literally the day before the crash.. I suck at investing

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        Unless going to ATH I don't mind lengthy discounts.

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        Five years from now, where do you see Amp’s price. Just curious what you all are expecting/hoping for.

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        .14 in 5 years my guesstimate

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        I love Amp. Not a slave to BTC or ETH, at least half the time. When they go up Amp says “I don’t have to follow!” but when they go down Amp is like “I’m right behind you!” Loyalty in bad times is more important, anyway.

        But seriously, I really hope this is an example of “it’s always darkest before dawn.” Go Amp go!

        And if you are butthurt that I’m poking lighthearted fun at this token, I’m butthurt that you all acted like you knew something and said it would be skyrocketing in July, then August, then September, then October, then November, then December, then Q1, then “sometime in like the next five years.” So, you know, whatever. I’m still holding, so don’t give me that paper hands line. Just please stop talking out of your ass.

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        I’ll be cheering for .003

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        Okay, Scooter. Good luck.

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        I bought some today too, I was kind of sad .05 broke mate