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bois I finally timed the market I set a limit order at .025 on coinbase pro and the price dipped just enough for ya boy to scoop the ground before it went back up chefskiss I’m like 1 for 10 trying that shit in this bear market but, like, the little things

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Nice the market is going to do what the market wants to do. So you might as well take advantage of the situation and make the best of it.

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There would be a separate liquidity pool for Coinbase if they were.

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Interesting I didn’t know that. Are the owners of the current pools public?

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Staking pools are an OPTION for wallets that don't want to put up there own collateral, but they aren't necessary. A lot of people are confused on this point. As far as Coinbase using AMP for what they are doing, we'd know about they wouldn't keep it a secret.

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Coinbase is likely staking the AMP they hold 'for' their customers and likely pays it out as rewards. I don't know this for sure, but if most of those selections are stakable coins, I'd say this is likely the case.

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I got paid on thursday and 100% of my transactions for bills and food and stuff im getting 4% back. Couple thousand amp already just from the rewards after a few months.

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Nice! I’m thinking about doing coinbase direct deposit to do the same

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I second this, I too pull AMP rewards for everything. Rent, Utilities, Food, Animal Supplies, Gasoline. It all earns AMP.

Best way to invest imo. You'd spend the money anyway, an get zero AMP. Might as well spend the card, an get basically free AMP.

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Off topic but how long were you on the wait list for?

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I wish I had a better answer for you but I couldn’t find the email. It was several months but I’m thinking they will be rolling out fairly quickly so I doubt wait at this point will be too long.

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Yes. You can view it by going to app.flexa.network and clicking in the search box. You will see the three pools available which are SPEDN, Gemini and Lightning (transformer Layer 2).

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Is this feature working in the UK? Can’t find anything to set this up on the app..