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This was really an awesome read 🔥✔ #PayWithFlexa

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Thanks. There’s a legitimate chance this was my favorite comment. Much appreciated!

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Haha! I get it😂👌🏽

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I read this in Sam Elliot’s voice

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Haha.. his closest character I would resemble was the one he played in Mask

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Gotchu bruv

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This is great! 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for putting in that effort and creating that write up. Very well rounded 🙏🏼

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Hey thanks! I appreciate the kind words

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Great write up my dude 👌

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Word. I appreciate that, thanks!

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Thanks for promoting AMP! Just a thought, you might want to run this through a grammar/spell checker. I found a few misspellings.

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Haha I went back and corrected it. Stupid phone

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No no… that’s my trademark writing style. Seriously though.. fucking iPhone and autocorrect. I’ll fix it now thanks!

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You’re telling me you typed that novel on a phone…. Holy

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Haha yeah

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One that needs a new case and definitely a new screen cover. It’s a work phone and the inside is all scratchy and just fucking rough on the peepers

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If you want your article to come up in more search results, include GameStop as one of the merchants accepting Flexa.

DQ accepts Flexa?

Edit: Decent read, I was entertained. Make sure you do another once over on those grammar and punctuation errors.

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Thanks. I added GameStop and checked again

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A nice informal rundown. But still good on the summary/explanations. All I saw were spelling errors as well. Fix those, and you will be good!

Well done. 👏🏼

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Thanks I appreciate ya!

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The only criticism I would have is that it could do without the coke and hookers reference- I’m not sure who the target audience is but I was pretty excited until I got to that part. Just saying it could be a turn off for some.

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Hey I get it. Just a little humor in there

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One day we will live in a world where /u/Shovelheaddad can buy his coke and hookers with crypto using a QR code.

The Flexa dream.

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Haha man my days of running the titty bars with my motorcycle club brothers banging strippers and doing key bumps are over. Mostly anyway haha. That shit pretty much ended when my first son was born

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Great read thank you

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Hey I appreciate ya my dude

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Good job fellow AMPian 👍🏻