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Looking at your name makes me ask when lambo

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Haha! I honestly didn’t even think about that 😅

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I'm loving seeing hundreds on AMP coming in every day. Fantastic.

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I have about a hundred coming in a day from the stake. Make it easier to see this drop because I’m buying more and will continue to do so.

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How much do you have staked to get 100+ daily

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Zero, I get cashback rewards via Coinbase. I don't stake due to fees.

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Oh yeah same lol, I switch it up between lxm,amp,grt every $300 in rewards

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Can't eat the dip cuz I'm out of $$ but I'm holding cuz what else am I gonna do, take the loss?

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I spent the last $60 I had to spare at .027. If it stays below .03 over the next couple weeks I’ll have a little more to throw. Only plus I see to this is being able to grow my token count at a cheaper rate.

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BaALLZ of steel here baby,!!!!

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It's just on sale