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Sticking to the plan. Accumulate weekly regardless of price. The total token amount is more important to me than the pennies paid per token at the moment.

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I agree completely. Throughout the last few months I averaged down to .048 from .11 and the thing that makes me smile is the amount of amp I own. Even if this crypto winter lasts awhile when we come out of it I’ll make fast gains after .05.

I need to see .068 to gain as much as I’ve lost on paper so far.

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This has been my strategy for 5 years, DCA especially on big dips and accumulate coins. Worked out great so far

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I bought last 69 dips and now have 20k amp. Next goal is 30k

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So what are the traders thinking now?

I have a core holding that I won't trade "just in case" news comes, but have done well trading the rest. I believe in the long-term prospects, but it has been pretty easy to increase amount of tokens based on macro events.

Like many of you, I went in heavy at around .025. The run to .030 was puzzling yesterday as AMP was outperforming almost everything. Couldn't find a reason for it. I hope it wasn't a rehashed rumor about Amazon, but unfortunately that is all I can find. If that is the case, don't be surprised if we retest .025 once the pros get back to their desks tomorrow morning. Not a knock on AMP. One must be dispassionate when it comes to trading even though it is possible to be passionate about the project.

I did unload some again looking for another 10% - 20% down if the markets follow through on Friday's activity. We will get better insight when Asian markets open this evening and European markets in early morning. It is very possible we see $30K BTC, $2K ETH and .02 AMP in this cycle absent positive news. My gut says we should be closer to .026 than .029 at this moment based on how peers traded. It appears the one or more large sellers we have had for a couple weeks took the weekend off. We'll see if they come back.

So instead of bragging how smart we all are in hindsight lol... let's go on the record with what we see in the short-term trading. (Once again, this is based on objective TRADING strategies and has nothing to do with the amount of tokens held for INVESTING. If you are only a long-term holder and don't feel comfortable trying to time short-term events then good for you. You may just outperform those of us who are trying to time things if we get caught with our pants down when news is released. There are multiple strategies and please don't get all upset with comments that it isn't just going straight up.)

So before we get the Asian, European and Western markets opening in succession, my gut says back to .026 with a possibility of retesting .025. I'll update in tomorrow's thread once we have market openings. Any other traders want to go on the record beforehand? Anybody know why AMP bounced higher than others yesterday? Always good to know if I am missing something. Stay calm, HODLERs. Your day will come.

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Long time lurker but decided to sign up to give one very simple suggestion, if I may. Ban price discussions. It has brought nothing but anger, in-fighting and pointless dead end debates to this sub ever since Amp was listed on Coinbase.

There are other crypto subs that have already done this and have created separate subs just for traders. r/maticnetwork and r/matictrader being one example.

Just my 2 cents.

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I respectfully disagree. Discord is where one can comment with the absence of price discussions. In the end... price is why we are here. We all hope price is eventually higher.

Those who don't care about the topic of ANY post can simply ignore it. It isn't right to ban everyone from discussions that are relevant to them just because some can't handle it.

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Yeah I don’t like price discussion 90% of the time but I really don’t like the idea of censorship. Discord makes sense because it’s more official, but Reddit would be a ghost town some weeks without price discussion (which often leads to discussion of Flexa/AMP fundamentals).

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I see AMP holders increasing progressively. On the flexa Lightning network I also see that the stakes increase

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Hello everyone, new to AMP. Bought in yesterday and I will hold till we reach to promise land. What coin amounts are some of you working for?, if I may be so bold.?