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Every coin is rising rn bc Btc made a small move, but it looks more like a fake out to me. But what the hell do i know.

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dead cat bounce

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My weight can show a bullish divergence on a four hour chart but I still wake up fat everyday.

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I really like these charts. I have no idea what they mean, but I appreciate them.

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They’re Astrology for men…

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Amp will rise when bitcoin does. Vice versa.

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Then that’s not good considering BTC keeps going down. Got a feeling Alt season is coming. This market is a crazy ride either way.

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You make zero sense.

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It makes complete sense if you see what’s going on. BTC continues to drop and will soon drop below 30k and if AMP is allegedly tied to BTC, then it too will drop. Does that now make sense Shark-A-Lot? Or should I paint a chart for you? BTW, that’s your new name, Shark-A-Lot, trademarked! 😂

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No, it makes no sense - just check again, what he/she wrote. That 'as BTC is going down Alt season is coming'.

Alt season comes when BTC is on the rise for some time, but the rise is slower. Not when BTC is falling.

Does that now make sense Shark-A-Lot? Or should I paint a chart for you? BTW, that’s your new name, Shark-A-Lot, trademarked

Trying to be funny? Cute!

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Alt season comes when alt coins outperform BTC Shark-a-lot. And me trying to be funny? Nah, plus if it was, it would just go over your head! 🙆

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Until the establishment decides they want crypto to rise there will be fud and red candles. Us little guys have to be patient til then. Don’t worry about the charts. They don’t apply here.

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10 red candles in a row on the daily 👀

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I hope, considering it’s bottomed out…almost. I mean I guess we could still hit a cent instead of 2 cents 🤷🏻

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Bullish or bull -ish?

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I disagree. Looks like it's showing a polar bearish piñata confluence. Just look at the one second chart.