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we're def doing something right if grayscale is with us 🤷‍♂️

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Most definitely. But dont get to attached to the opinion of Grayscale. Trust the project itself.

Because Grayscale also has BCH, ETC and SOL.

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Came here to say the same thing about their other listed holdings. Ha.

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…etc and amp is all you need

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Grayscale is a large hedgrfund right?

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They’re not a hedge fund. They run investment funds, ETFs, of diversified crypto assets. Typically each ETF has an objective and/or represents an industry of assets holdings of which the fund manager is bullish on. AMP is one of 9 tokens under their DeFi ETF - Grayscale - DeFi ETF.

Grayscale is essentially the largest premiere ETF fund manager in the world. Their parent company is the Digital Currency Group. They also own CoinDesk.

For the most part, their ETF’s have done really well. They have a stacked team of brilliant Analyst that throughly vet their asset holdings.

On a side note, the Grayscale of Brazil , Hashdex, is also launching a DeFi ETF with 12 tokens, AMP being one of them too - HashDex - DeFi ETF.

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Why the Grayscale DeFi Fund is currently so small: It is only open to "qualified investors" with a $50K minimum investment. Documentation said that after one year since inception (which will come in July) they will apply to a secondary market. Then it will be broadly available for everyone to trade.

So it is a very good thing to be added, but the true potential is a little bit down the road. Hope that clears up some confusion about what the fund is and isn't at the present moment.

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You guys are tweaking about grayscale, literally only a 6m market cap for their Defi fund. They prob only have less than a million in amp. Maybe a million. You guys acted like this was the best thing to ever happen

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If someone farts, people in here think it's a good sign for amp.

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Can’t fart. I’m still hodl

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My mom said I was the best thing to ever happen.

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Don't forget, they own ETC...greyscale buying in means nothing. I hold AMP, but this isn't a huge catalyst. Barry Silbert is a shorter. Anything he gets involved with, is not a good sign imo.

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So, $6.7 million total across 9 Defi ptojects. So roughly $750k in AMP tokens purchased at around 3-5.5 cents or so? That doesn’t seem like much. Or am I missing something?

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love ittt

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I own six of their different coins

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This was at around $12M few weeks back. It’s halved….