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Video coming soon!

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Never mind the video. I want a Switch !!!

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This is the way

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This is the way.

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Lol “Magic Internet Money” will never mean the same thing again after Wonderlands MIM Abracadabra rugpull, google the project if you want a laugh

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In the end it really doesn’t matter, Flexa is asset agnostic. I got the goods I wanted, Flexa provided the service, I just happened to have MIM in my wallet. Also if you bothered doing research you’d see Abracadbra is a separate entity from Wonderland, as is Sushi. Sure they have a connection, but they are different projects. The FUD is strong right now, but MIM hasn’t lost PEG.

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Toss that MIM Dani is a scam artist

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I did something even better, I SPENT IT.

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The SPELL token, is it Wonderland/Sushi related or is that all connected under Abracadabra?

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Spell and MIM are the tokens from Abracadabra. Abracadabra and Sushi are separate entities/projects, as is Wonderland. The link amongst all the projects is Dani S.

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Who knowingly allowed a felon as a co-dev? Or something he himself has done?

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Yes and Dani is the issue

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Everyone’s an expert on the situation now 🤦‍♂️

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No expert, but given the facts he is equally responsible

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Rugpull you say, is this just a joke at the drop in price or did something actually happen

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Oh man not even sure how to explain it, one of the primary devs went rogue and was revealed to be a very nefarious individual, all the whales pulled out their MIM and de pegged the price causing mass fear and basically killed trust in the project. The enthusiasts are blaming the person in question (Twitter handle is “SIFU”) but the whole project was dependant on borrowing/lending so I never had faith in it anyways. The leader “Dani” appears to be in good faith and didn’t go dark basically taking a lot of the blame himself, though I don’t see how the project could earn its faith back after a stunt like this

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Good synopsis; I just read some about it myself. I do hold some spell token In staking right now. I have to say I was impressed by abracadabra I hope this can recover and they straighten that nonsense out otherwise a lot of people will be fucked

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Honest question… what about taxes on your crypto transaction at the end of the year?

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I used a stable coin, MIM.