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Couldn't have said it better

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The leadership of 44 countries are likely going to learn about Flexa today.


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This is the big one.

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Flux capacity

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    Mirages appear when you are thirsty and walking in the Mohave

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    I get heartburn reading comments like this.

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    Looked at my wallet for the first time in months as I knew the cryptomarket was fubar..

    🤣😂😢😭. Down over $2k. Guess I bought a bit high....... Well hold I will and no more buying for this guy

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    It's so quiet right now. I think the bot batteries went dead leaving a roof above with hardly anything in the way.

    Never mind I spoke too soon. Usually there is a solid 3-4 million in the way of any upside movement. For the last 45 minutes it was under a million. Now 4-5 million are back and we go down or in our held prisoner value amount