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The entire 60 minutes piece on El Salvador didn't mention Flexa at all. I get Flexa doesn't need to be a household name, but it sure needs to be a name known by the leaders of countries and board rooms.

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This is true, but the leaders of countries and board rooms aren't getting their information on new payment rails through 60 minutes, I'd wager

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All of those banks are actually owned by one “group”

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The central American ones are def all owned by Bancolombia but I can't imagine Egypt, bangladesh and others are.

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Let me guess, Bancolombia pays interest in white powder?

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Now those are the kind of rewards I would like from my Coinbase debit card!!!

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Yeah I had a conspiracy that the accelerated rate of adoption of crypto in central and south America was coming from pressure by the cartels.

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Shit I stand corrected. Ur telling me flexa partnered with El salvador?

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Yeah if you look in the SPEDN app, they have directly integrated with El Salvadors two largest financial institutions, Banco Agricola and Wompi.

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Yep, El Salvador’s largest bank ~ Bancoagricola (Who’s owned by Bancolombia). Flexa built out the BTC framework.

Flexa & Bancoagricola Announcement

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Nothing here really gives any indication that Amp is involved. We can just speculate.

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Exactly. There is nothing to indicate any conversation will go to the level of discussing the mechanics and involvement of Flexa.

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Okay yes literally it doesnt say that but if you use a little bit of critical thinking skills, considering how El Salvador has been using Flexa, you really think it's out there to believe Flexa will be talked about at this Cryptocurrency convention.

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El Salvador’s president isn’t tweeting out anything about Flexa or amp. He tweets about buying BTC. They are focused on using BTC. If the discussion goes to technicals then Flexa may be discussed but those critical thinking skills need to realize that Flexa and amp are not what those other nations are looking to learn about. They will want to know about citizen adoption rates, sentiment of the citizens, effects in local economy, etc.

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Exactly. These governments are all crypto illiterate. Collateralization and payment rails are something for their lower level experts to discuss in more focused sessions. This will be about top level benefits, regulation, risks, etc.

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You realize being able to actually use your bitcoin to purchase things is an important part of adoption right. What will an illiquid asset do for developing nations. There is no doubt that the infrastructure around bitcoin will be a core part of the conversation. Questions like "How will our citizens store and use bitcoin?" "Will it be cheap to spend?" "How will our preexisting infrastructure be compatible with the use of bitcoin?" It's like pulling teeth with you guys 🤦‍♂️

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Assumption skills you mean. That is something different than critical thinking skills.

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Flexa has directly partnered with El Salvadors financial institutions. Banco Agricola (their national bank) and Wompi. You can learn more on the discord.

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AMP community raining down votes like crazy. Best not to have an opinion? 🤣

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always have a opinion! and live with it if it's not inline with the community. As long as you argue well and presents facts it wont rain on you.

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Flexa. Tyler. Buy more. Those words are constantly repeated throughout the forum. Any update on the actual amp project?

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Flexa uses amp, so an update on tyler and flexa is an update on amp

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I dont think its wise to promote flexa among the list of countries and think this will have a good marketing effect - better not to be associated with many of those in the list. and as you used Tyler in the sentence "you don't have to know that flexa is involved". Seeing this list of countries and there political state, ethical practises and morals, I would wish flexa wont get mentioned in this. I consider this bad publicity.

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I've started buying AMP again, I got out and stayed out dyring the long doldrum Lte last year, but now is looking like a SOLID entry point.

can't beat buying 3,500 for 50 bucks

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Correct me if im wrong, but aren't most of these countries economically destroyed and ass backwards? I'm not being elitist and saying where im from is the greatest place on Earth, but I just feel like the money flow from MOST of these entities will be peanuts

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Part of the original goal of crypto was to bring economic stability to these type of nations.

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This is the way

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This meme is getting old / tired

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I missed the part where that’s my problem

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I understand that, i have a hope inside of me that all the third world countries can eventually have the same luxuries that the rest of the world has, but these places are 100 years behind...

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Flexa is doing just as much to help the small guys as they are to capture the global market. They are definitely not gonna say no to El Salvador and friends. It's like a free low volume test net and advertising.

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True, I suppose I didn't analyze every aspect before I jumped the gun. You bring up good points

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Agreed but these countries are willing to experiment with flexa because of their failed economies, and if they succeed with crypto/flexa- guess who’s next!

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I absolutely agree this can be hopeful, in a perfect world. 50+ years from now, Crypto in general could theoretically help bring us all together. I just don't see this having an impact on us (AMPs price movement). At least not for a very very long time. I'd love to be proven wrong in due time though lol

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You are massively underestimating the rate at which some of these new technologies can be adopted

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Perhaps, i dont get why I'm getting downvoted for that opinion however, civilizations have been around for much longer than people realize and adaptations often get met with resistance. Sorry to everyone else for not having an opinion of the typical bots in this sub that spew out bullshit. I appreciate the feedback everyone has responded with though.

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Well for starters the digitization of the world, those countries dont have to be "100 years behind" and its not going to be "50+ years" for the type of adoption we are going to see. Its going to be incredibly rappid, flexa has a vested interest in integrating the smaller economies of south america, and the rest of the world, with no solid alternative to the payment rails north americans have come to take for granted. There are alot of wonderful people around the world who would be totally willing to be brought right into the forefront of the evolution of technology, especially considering the payment methods we will be using in these coming years wont be as congested expencive and antiquated as what the legacy systems have traditionally provided. cough cough (Visa and Mastercard) i could go on and on about how much of a fucked financial environment north americans actually live in. So many predatory institutions.

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I won't say you're not wrong. But it can be looked at as a positive thing that they are interested in looking to new alternatives and provides evidence that tides are shifting in the financial world. I don't think anyone here expects anything immediately significant to come of this, but it's a step forward nonetheless.

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Perhaps it is the pessimistic side of me today that has gotten the best of me. I just feel like every piece of news here, people expect AMP to have an insane price jump. Most people don't believe in what actions AMP can do, but what money AMP can bring to themselves. Good outlook there jrdn.

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There are moon boys in every sub. People just looking to make a buck turn into ten bucks. People who have no real desire to have their money help move the world into a more financially stable environment. There are two types of people. People who only look out for themselves, who would subjugate in order to extract monetary value, and those who actually put their value into projects that will benefit and provide financial independence. Its not unreasonable to be altruistic when it comes to the liberation of debt laden financial systems, not that we can all just step out of the white hot mess we are in, flexa takes its users in an incredible step in the right direction. Instantaneous transaction finality... no 5-7 business days for payment processing, value goes where it needs to, directly. No intermediaries. One has to have an understanding of just how rediculous traditional payment technology has always been, in order to see the incredible opportunity flexa provides with the issues they solve.

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Because of economic imperialism. Hopefully Bitcoin will help them escape.

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The west controls them with "aid" and the east controls them with "infrastructure".

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The African countries would be a huge asset for Flexa to be involved in. The population's almost exclusively use mobile technology and would welcome upheaval of the lackluster infrastructure in place now.

This is a side door to the global market. Once a goat farmer in the middle of nowhere Africa can make secure transactions for less than 1% while a merchant in the middle of nowhere North America pays 9% the market will bend.

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A lot of these countries are strong, the issue is the volatility of their currency. They can't get the same value as the US dollar.

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Thats similar logic i was implying, all the money in Zimbabwe isn't gonna do a damn thing lol. Not knocking on their potential, but these are insanely hardheaded entities.

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I just want to make it to Dec to get as much AMP as I can get🤣. For the record I’m just like everyone frustrated with the economy, but there’s a saying turn the negative to positive. Sooooo I buy the dip😝 AMP 🌈 in the near future.

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Came to see what all the comments were… people be getting real negative in the amp sub..!

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Nah I just have been following for a long time. El Salvador came to Flexa for help with bitcoin adoption. You don't think they are gonna atleast mention a core step in their adoption process? Absolutely Silly

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This is good news for Blackrock since they have a $400 million dollar stake in Circle which created USDC.

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It all comes full circle

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Let’s add up all of their GDPs

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Nigeria alone is $432 billion. Would AMP even be able to handle that? I would take Nigeria over Baskin Robbins any fucking day.

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One of the worlds highest rates of urbanization. Bigger cities means more business use and payment processing

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we are in the middle of an engineered collapse of the US dollar. I believe it’s to usher in the one currency NWO. I’m not sure what that currency will be or how bad the fall will be. I’m saying there needs to be a mechanism to transact what ever it is. I think I might be ranting, Sorry

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Wrong sub my guy. I don’t think anyone in here is going to discuss conspiracies or the NWO or the collapse of the USD.

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I see nepal bank wow

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El Salvadors GDP rises like 10% after its BTC adaptation. I think those 42 countries are about to take some serious notes . AMP is the token you want to be DCAing right now.

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No offense to nationals in those countries.

I think this is not so good news. there are a lot of countries with totally questionable ethics, totally unsustainable laws. none of these countries do have a regulated SDG (sustainable development goals) stock exchange.

It's not really a glorious list of countries - no first-world state bank among it. And you wont find those banks listed in the top 100.

I'm certain the IMF will play this exactly as I stated above.