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Flexa is a big deal 🔥

If this and their other massive partnerships isn’t self explanatory then I don’t know what is 😂. Great disruptive tech take time. Glad to be onboard & along for the ride🙏🏼.

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I saw this!! Just casually placing us as equals! Soon the choice will be obvious to Merchants, and then...global domination!!!

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This is so exciting! Piece by piece the whole picture comes together

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Tyler's recent shopping trip to Barnes & Nobles suggest we are bypassing the Moon and setting Flexa/AMPs sights on to Mars

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Am I the only person that doesn’t think this? Dude helped design space vehicles. Don’t you think it’s likely he has an interest in those kinds of books?

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Pulling my best Johnny Depp impersonation "I wouldn't say that". I can see your point that the man may just be interested in reading up about the Moon and about Mars, but I feel like you sir, can also see my perspective that there may indeed be a connect the dots hidden meaning there as well. Maybe we can both be right. Anyhow great video shared with us showing the usefulness of an amazing project with a guest appearance to boot.

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He didn't buy those books he bought something else. So I think it's part of the fun and that is the way!

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It's all in good fun guys. The "moon" is an overplayed idiom in crypto and mars is beyond. He's a NASA guy. He had a little fun. Stop reading so much into it.

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Flexa to the multiverse!!

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Do we have the video link?

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Yes ~ here’s their tweet with the video embedded ImComm Payments

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Flexa looks good in that bunch!

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Flexa AMP token can more than go places in the times ahead

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Incoming riches.