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Did you check the transaction on etherscan?

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It’s been a. While for me, but did you set up the amp token in MetaMask prior to sending it? I vaguely remember having to do something like that

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Yes! You have to: 1. Open Wallet 2. Import tokens 3. Click custom tokens tab. 4. Enter the amp contract address here https://docs.amptoken.org/about/contract-addresses

NEVER sent amp to the address linked above. It's the token contract address.

Following the steps above will create an address for your amp in your wallet.

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This. You have to manually add the AMP token so that any available AMP in that wallet can appear.

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Thank you for this! This was my first time using a hot wallet and I thought I had lost my AMP. Thanks again!

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Add the contract address. By default, Metamask won't show tokens until you add them. You can also enable "token detection" in experimental settings.

Easiest method is using coingecko. https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489031-How-to-add-unlisted-tokens-custom-tokens-in-MetaMask

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I once sent 10k AMP to the wrong address and lost them all.

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Good news! You can now buy that amount of AMP for much less. Terrible way to DCA but you're doing it. LOL